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Claudia D. Christian – Miserable Love Writer

I’m often asked, “How would you describe your writing? Is it romance? Horror? Paranormal? A pitch for insane relationships?”

I describe it as all the above. However, I crave a bit of the visual.

So take it as dark paranormal romance that makes a pitch for insane relationships. The horror!

Vicious Bliss: fallen

Katherine Merror has spent the last seven years passing through the night with a blissful smile and vicious heart. She cares for no one and expects the same in return. When she wakes up alone in a white room Katherine morbidly wonders if her reckless flirtation with violence and death has finally caught up with her.

Unfortunately for Katherine it’s a lot more complicated than that…

Vicious Bliss: broken

Vicious Bliss: broken — the sequel to Vicious Bliss: fallen.

Katherine Merror finds herself on the other side, broken but not defeated. Her entire world has changed but she’s determined to wrest control from those who would keep her as a pawn. Mikhail’s desperate love seeks to entrap as strongly as Azer’s obsession sought to free. Will she fall prey to her passion for Mikhail? Or will Mikhail’s obsession force the DeMontiers to murder once again?

Devil’s Descent I: purgatory

Julian Douglas exists solely for the night he finds his human pet Lily. Lily Walker exists solely for the night she finds peace from the nightmare that is Julian Douglas. Julian finds Lily. Lily suffers Julian.

In the end, who finds freedom? The master who is a slave to his pet? Or the pet who never wanted to run away from her master?

*Newest* – Grim Alice

“Would you beg for me? Would you bleed for me?”

Alice has no last name. She has no past other than what Nephilim, an organization governing the human and supernatural worlds, has given her. Intelligent and determined, she is a perfect fit for this life.

She was also a perfect fit for her partner Yukio, a noble Nephilim Pureblood with lineage and patrimony stretching for centuries. Yukio was everything a snow god was expected to bebeautiful, cold, and deadly.

Too bad for Alice.



  1. Thank you for sharing your struggle with worth and doubt. I am coming to deeper understanding of my own beliefs that have bound me to submissiveness to a fault. That’s probably an oxymoron in the S & M belief structure. Yet I’m a metaphysician so I recognize my responsibility in everything I am part of, even if just a witness to. It feels from the briefs I have read of your writing, a very conscious state of being for some of the characters you’ve created. Writing this I have come to understand that that is a draw for me as well. Good luck with breaking free from your “freeze”. It seems a pity that one so open and connected to deep trauma, addition, pain, and torture be too scared to finish the story.

  2. Thank you so much for your kind words, Sarah. 🙂 I really appreciate reading them–especially in regards to my battles with doubt. My writing is a way for me to analyze and explore my beliefs and how they relate to the S&M belief structure. With that comes quite a bit of questioning as to why I think the way I do, or why I’m drawn to certain aspects that contradict what is seen as normal and loving.

    As much as I enjoy my work, the doubts seem to get the best of me when I wonder if I’m too focused on the potential abuse between my characters. (Even though that’s what I purposely write. Strange, I know.)

    Anyways, I hope to find more balance and to feel at ease with the darker side of myself so that I’ll run into these doubting moments less and less.

    “It seems a pity that one so open and connected to deep trauma, addition, pain, and torture be too scared to finish the story.”

    I love this last bit you wrote. Thank you. It’s great encouragement. 🙂

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