The Vampire’s Secretary #1 Release

Estimated reading time: 2 – 4 minutes

*waves* Hello Everyone! I’m still busy balancing pen names (can definitely improve on that) and consolidating them when I can. D. Cristiana was originally going to have this story, but truthfully, having this many pen names is driving me mad. 😉 I think I have more than enough between Claudia, Anna, and Amelia. (I say this while contemplating adding another contemporary pen name. *sigh*)

Anyways, I started this short story a couple of years ago, put it away, and then had the inspiration to work on it again–and fell in love all over again with “The Vampire’s Secretary #1.”

It’s exclusive to Amazon & #Free to Kindle Unlimited readers and only $.99!

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A Vampire, A Secretary, & Their Forbidden Love

My name is Luciana and I am a vampire’s secretary.
The world as humans knew it came to an end in the 21st century. Vampires rose from the ashes of our devastation and gained control of North America and much of Europe. Now four hundred years later, humans and vampires coexist in relative peace. As such, I am one of a handful of humans whose blood is rare enough to make me a perfect pet for these benevolent monsters.

His name is Charles Harcourt, Head of the House of Harcourt and CEO of Nibus.
My employer is beautiful. Mr. Harcourt has inky hair and emerald eyes that flash crimson when he hungers for my blood or my body. I know he’s beautiful for one reason–to be the ultimate predator. It doesn’t matter because I am a slave to my human instincts…especially my heart. And it is this heart that will be my downfall if I am not careful.

I am his perfect secretary, but he is the last man I should ever love.
Mr. Harcourt’s last secretary tried to kill him because she loved him too much. I’d rather die than to bring dishonor on his house or myself. But my love is growing and I’m afraid I can’t keep it secret any longer. Predator and prey sharing such close quarters–how can it turn out to be anything other than this infinite obsession?

PART ONE of a dark vampire romance serial.


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