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Suicide Doll update 1-9-09

Their forgotten innocence resurfaced in his mind like the scent of perfume, faint yet powerful. Narcissus brought the toy to his chest and embraced it the way he wished he could Lisette. How had it come to this? When did he lose sight of her? When did he stopped seeing Lisette’s joy and saw only her smiles?

Devil’s Descent II update 9-3-09

“Poor sweetie, she’s had such a hard night. Spirit steps out and then she gets to see what grown-ups do before she falls down and ruins her hands and dress. Then that mean old vampire impales her fingers instead of what she really wanted.”

Devil’s Descent II update 8-25-09

Lily curled forward, hand still trapped within his. Tremors shook her small frame, reminding Julian of a leaf being buffeted by merciless wind. He liked the comparison, seeing himself, of course, as the wind. The desire to shred her into tiny pieces ate at his self-control. The more he tended her the more he wanted to hurt her.

It was paradoxically delicious.

Devil’s Descent II update 8-22-09

“Your sarcasm is unbecoming. Hush.” He stepped into the large bathroom. The door closed behind them automatically. “Lily, you have really made a mess of things tonight. I doubt either of us expected things to end up like this.” Julian set her down gently. “Don’t even think about leaving before I say you can.”

Devil’s Descent II update 8-21-09

Lily looked away. The tenderness in his eyes frightened her. It raped her anger, dissolving it into maddened disorder.

Julian caressed her cheek with his hand. He was pleased by her demeanor. It would’ve be rather upsetting if he had to hurt her physically. That comes later, he thought in lazy anticipation.

Devil’s Descent II update 8-20-09

She inhaled sharply. “Unlock the door, Julian. Unlock it now before you see who I can be.”

“That’s not a threat, little girl. I want to see you. I want to see every little piece of you. Show me. Show me how ugly you can be.”

Devil’s Descent II update 8-14-09

Lily’s knees swayed from the effort of standing up. Her skin erupted in goose bumps. The urge to have him sink his fangs into her assaulted without remorse. Conscious of her desires, Lily’s lips glistened, parted as they were in a breathless plea.

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