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Devil’s Descent Reviews by AsianCocoa

I’m crazy, crazy late on this but I wanted to share these two awesome reviews by the gracious AsianCocoa.

Devil’s Descent I purgatory review by Book of Secrets

I’m a little late on this but I wanted to share this awesome review of Devil’s Descent I: purgatory by Book of Secrets.

Suicide Doll Review by Book of Secrets

Hello, Angst Junkies! Suicide Doll fans will be pleased to know Book of Secrets has reviewed Suicide Doll.

Love Unfortunate Review by Book of Secrets

Love Unfortunate has been reviewed by Book of Secrets.

Love Unfortunate Review by RemittanceGirl

Love Unfortunate has been reviewed by RemittanceGirl.

The Splinter – Review

Hello, Angst Junkies! I bring you another review for the glorious Remittance Girl. She’s taken me to the Japanese underworld, the steaming outposts of Cambodia, and now back to my home country of the United States in the “The Splinter.” Familiar the landscape may be, but as always,Remittance Girl takes me on a psychological journey.

Comfort Food – Dark Erotic Review

Let me first begin with this comment. First-person narrative is not something I enjoy. Typically, if a book is first-person, I leave it alone. Why? I find the writing takes the easiest way out. I believe it lazy and uninspiring.

Kitty puts me in my place promptly.

Kitty Thomas Interview

Hello, Angst Junkies! I have the sincere pleasure of interviewing Kitty Thomas. Her debut book Comfort Food is unlike anything I’ve ever read before. It deals with non-consensual captivity and the dark obsessions that such conditioning brings about.

The Waiting Room – Erotic Review

I find myself in a mental flurry because there is so much to say about The Waiting Room I am unsure where to begin. I want to approach this review as less of a personal experience and more of a review but it is very difficult Let’s see how I do.

Gaijin – Erotic Short Review

Gaijin is 76 pages long and hits 21,100 words. RG hooks you in from the first sentence and doesn’t let go. Her palette is swift, poetic, and violent. Strangers to Japan see this alien world through eyes marked with confusion, fear, fascination, and lust.

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