Thirst: Tales of Vampire Romance Boxed Set Release

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I’m brushing off the dust and poking my head in here. I can’t believe it’s been over a year since I posted here. What started off as yet another pen name project ended up being an incredible experience that opened up many doors for me–including landing me on the USA Today and New York Times lists on two different projects.

But I never did forget or stop loving my CDC stories, WIPs and especially Devil’s Descent. 🙂

So I’m easing back into CDC with a project that I’m in with 7 super-talented writers. My contribution is “Love Blind” and it’s been expanded by about 30 pages. Thirst: Tales of Vampire Romance is on sale for $.99 so grab it before the price goes up!

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Thirst: Tales of Vampire Romance Boxed Set

Thirst: An EIGHT Author Vampire Bundle of Edgy Vampires that THIRST for the one. Deliciously inhuman, paranormal sexiness!


Are you THIRSTING for the unusual? Try thousand-year-old vampires, Latin and French vamps, vampire Earls, sexy Native American vampires and even berserker vampires! This bundle will slake your THIRST for otherworldly, hot and sexy, unique vampire stories.

EIGHT creative and original stories that prove, one little seductive bite doesn’t hurt.
Vampire Berserker by Carl East: A vampire that needs to feed on other vampires in order to survive.

The Vampire and the Rose by Yvonne Anthony: Rose’s mother has often warned her to stay away from dark places—especially at night, but curious Rose will ignore the warnings, jumping headlong into danger with startling consequences.

Dark Velvet by Lisa Carlisle: Savannah is thrilled for her residency at an art colony where she meets the sculptor Antoine. She discovers his dark secret, putting her life in jeopardy.

Vampire Lords of Blacknall by Shirl Anders: Only a creature of the night can save her. Lady Beth never stays home in the evenings. She fears her evil stepbrother. Then a monster stalks her in the dark and she cannot tell beast from savior.

The Vixen Torn by J.E. & M. Keep: Anjasa has been through the worst parts of hell and come back from it wounded but stronger. A trained assassin and courtesan, she’s seen the worst in others… and herself.

When Comes the Night by Anita Dobs: Trying to leave a troubled past far behind, Stacy escapes to England, but gets more than she bargained for when she meets Rafe Hawkins, the mysterious C.E.O at the renowned Sirius Advertising Agency.

Ash: Before Dawn by Skye Eagleday: Ash drank deeply of the blood of his enemies at Custer’s Last Stand. Now the beautiful Native American Vampire hunts in the gay bars of Seattle, where he will face an ancient Vampire far more deadly than the troops at Little Big Horn. Will he and his new human lover be able to use his powers of seduction and warrior skills to survive until dawn?

Love Blind by Claudia D. Christian: 1978. Rio de Janeiro. Josephine made a desperate bargain with a vampire named Julio Alberto. Her life for another. Kept in a gilded cage, will she ever allow herself to truly love her charming captor?


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My Inspiration for Love Blind’s “Julio Alberto”

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I’m taking a break from doing a final pass on my latest Charlotte DeCorte work and wondering what I should blog about since lately it’s only been releases. (I really need to get a newsletter, huh? 😉 ) Then I remember how my husband suggested I start sharing what influences the stories I write since I don’t really like blogging about myself. (There’s so many times I think about “Ooh, I want to share this latest home project or book find” but I don’t. Lame, I know. I might start sharing my book store finds one day.)

Anyways, I remember how I posted If Julian Douglas Lived in the Flesh and thought, “Oh, yeah! Julio Alberto would be perfect!” So here we go:

I grew up on Telenovelas which are Latino soap operas. The biggest difference between US soap operas and Telenovelas are the length. Telenovelas typically run for 3 to 6 months. (Sometimes longer but not by much.) I absolutely believe I got a bit of my fetish for emotionally damaged bastards from watching these shows at such a young age.

My favorite Telenovelas were the classic Cinderalla takes of rich guy/poor girl love stories. Except in these love stories, the innocent girl falls in love with the jaded rich guy who is usually coerced into marrying said girl but doesn’t love her. He’s often cold and cruel but can’t keep his hands off the no-longer-innocent girl. Usually he cheats, leaves her because he got his mistress pregnant, and our girl becomes a heroine bent on revenge. Her love has turned into hatred and it’s damned addictive to watch as our rich guy finds out that he did indeed love his innocent bride and wishes more than anything to win her love back.

They do find their way to one another after a whole slew of drama, tears, yelling, and begging. The Telenovela typically ends with our now-hero and heroine marrying in a church with a whole slew of smiling family and friends in attendance.

Okay, how does this tie into Love Blind?

Sadly, I haven’t watched any new Telenovelas in about seven years. (Wow! That long?) It’s the thing that if you don’t catch them in the beginning, it’s kind of hard to catch up. The last one I saw was this strangely addictive one called “Inocente de Ti”. The reason I say strangely is because it pissed me off more often that not. I wanted to strangle the main character Julio Alberto Castillo Linares-Robles (played by the phenomenally talented Valentino Lanus) so many times because he was such a dick.

Yet, I was captivated. Why? Because as cruel as he was, Julio Alberto was also a man in so much pain. Argh!

Anyways, when I sat down to write Love Blind, it was my first full story I started after my MIL passed. I knew exactly who I imagined physically as Josephine’s vampire lover. (At the time I thought it was going to be a fun, sexy piece. I should’ve known better. 😉 ) So Mr. Vampire Lover had to have the same name as the physical inspiration: Julio Alberto.

Hmm…I just love saying that name. Julio Alberto, Julio Alberto, Julio Alberto.

So there you go! Feast your eyes on this beautiful man and tell me you understand my fascination:

NOTE: Obviously the captions are my brainchild and not meant to represent anything factual outside of Love Blind.

Hello, Josephine. My name is Julio Alberto.


Silly girl, thinking you could run from me...


You don't want me to bite you? Aww, that's too bad.


Behave, or down into the basement you go!

I’ve also wrangled some clips for you to see him in action during “Inocente de Ti”. Warning: I’m going to get carried away here. Seriously there are so many great clips I would love to show you.

Julio Alberto Kissing

This is a very short clip showing how Julio Alberto kisses his lady (Florecita Gonzalez AKA Innocent Girl) and lays her down by the proverbial fire.


Julio Alberto Jealous & Enraged PT. I

Julio Alberto got into a fight because a man was dancing with Florecita. (She was trying to make him jealous because he was spending way tooo much time with an ex-girlfriend. Dick.) Bloody & pissed he’s locked out of Flor’s room where she’s hiding with her sister who encouraged the tit-for-tat situation, Julio Alberto bangs on it like a maniac. Frantic, the girls look for a place to hide and find it in the closet but not before unlocking the door. Julio Alberto storms in and looks for them before realizing they’re hiding in the closet. He demands they come out, saying he’s not going to hit a woman. Flor’s sister leaves but not before warning her brother-in-law not to lay a hand on her sister. Julio Alberto then yells at his wife for disrespecting his name and honor. She begs and pleads before screaming back at how he’s disrespected her with that tramp of an ex-girlfriend. Yep, that’s a lot of drama. 😉

Julio Alberto Jealous & Enraged PT. II

Although Julio Alberto and Florecita are separated, he can’t help but go into a jealous rage when he happens to see a young man kissing her. What doesn’t help? Julio Alberto was on his way to beg her to come back to him–which he admits to after yelling bloody murder. Florecita is immediately deflated and wants to explain how she wasn’t willingly kissing that man but was instead forced. (True. She slapped him right afterward, but it was too late because Julio Alberto had already stormed off.) Julio Alberto isn’t trying to hear it.

Interesting parts: 0:00 to 0:32 | 2:00 to 3:15 | 5:26 to 6:26 | 6:56 to 8:40


Julio Alberto Distraught & Begging

Julio Alberto all torn up because his ex-wife Flor rejects his love. He’s begging for her return, wanting her to marry him again and have a bazillion kids. She lets him know how much she hates him and can never forgive him for all his betrayals. She swears she’s going to go far, far away from him so she never has to lay eyes on him again. (By the way, she’s in the hospital as a victim of a hit and run. Drama, I’m telling you!)

So there you all have it. I hope you enjoyed peeking a bit into my mind. If anything, I hoped you enjoyed seeing Julio Alberto’s inspiration. 🙂 Oh, if it’s not how you imagined him to look—feel free to purge the above out of your mind. Because how you imagine it is the best! 🙂

Love Blind (A Dark Love Story) ebook Release

Estimated reading time: 4 – 6 minutes

Hello Everyone! I’m announcing another release but before I get to that I want to share a little bit about this title.

I started this a couple of months after my Mother-in-Law passed. It was meant to be a fun piece to get back into writing. Vampires + rough sex = Awesome! That was the plan but that’s not what happened. The story quickly grew its own agenda and light BDSM awesome goodness wasn’t part of it.

Somehow I’ve managed to write one of my darkest and sweetest Claudia stories. Strange, right?

I sat on the story for several months, wanting to make sure that I did want to release it as-is and not redo it as a lighter piece. Nope. Love Blind wanted to be what it was. So once I accepted that I quickly saw it in a similar light as Love Unfortunate.

It is a love story but it’s a damaged one.

That being said, I think it’s great timing to release Love Blind in October and I hope you all agree with me. 🙂


Does the ends really ever justify the means?

On a blood-soaked balcony in Rio de Janeiro, Josephine made a desperate bargain with a vampire named Julio Alberto. Her life for another. He accepted and promptly whisked her away to his isolated plantation far from any hope of outside help.

Now over twenty years later, Carnaval looms and Josephine still waits for the night when Julio Alberto will finally tire of her. Quick to dismiss his affection as a game, Josephine uses her wits to push her vampire away, unable to believe in his or anyone’s love.

Undeterred, Julio Alberto strips Josephine down, forcing her to finally admit to the shameful darkness buried deep in her soul. Broken and pushed past her limits, will Josephine accept her heart’s longing for Julio Alberto or will she remain forever love blind?

Warning: This is a 24,200 word (approximately 97 pages) novella. It is meant for a mature audience and contains dark subject matter.


“Where o’ where did my little kitty go?”

Josephine slipped off her heels, knowing she had a better chance of making a good show of escaping if unhampered by gorgeous yet crippling footwear.

“Is she waiting for me in bed?”

She fixated on the door, eyes gone dry in the need to keep away from the impeccably dressed creature come like beguiling death. He hovered just inside the mosquito netting enveloping the bed, making a great show of looking for her under the crisp, cotton covers.

“No, she’s not here. Hmm…could she be hiding under the bed? Maybe in the armoire?”

Josephine didn’t need to look directly at the aristocratic planes of his beautiful face to know what was there. She had seen the landscape too many times to count. Even now wicked humor burned mad bright in his ebony gaze as they swept the rarely-used guest room. His full mouth curled in dark, anticipatory pleasure that marked him as a predator ready to hunt.

It’s always a game to him. It’s as if nothing in life is of any interest unless it’s wrapped up in blood and sex.

“She’s not in the bed or under it. She’s also not in the armoire. Where o’ where can my little kitty be?” He turned away from Josephine and rocked back on booted heels. She watched the broad shoulders rise in an easy shrug. “I know she couldn’t really be hiding by the window. Only stupid little girls would do that and my kitty isn’t stupid, is she?”


Josephine edged away, careful to keep the drapes from sweeping across the floor. Her hand slid down her thigh, fingers unlatching the strapped knife, and readied herself for the bloodletting.

“I’d be so disappointed if my kitty hid for nothing. I’m sure she would too because then I’d have to take my disappointment out on something else…pity.”


Josephine dashed out from behind the curtains, right hand curled hard around her dagger as she made for the closed door. Delighted laughter hissed in her ear scant moments before Josephine’s arm swung out in an arc. She felt the blade cut through fabric and flesh but knew it wouldn’t be enough to stop him.


  • Love Blind (A Dark Love Story)
  • Word Count: 24,200 (Approximate)
  • Categories: Gothic Romance, Dark Love, Dark Paranormal Romance
  • DRM-Free
  • $2.99


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