Devil’s Descent III: divided Sneak Peek #5

Estimated reading time: 3 – 5 minutes

Devil's Descent 1-3 Omnibus Cover

It’s been much too long, hasn’t it? I’m such a pokey writer and I’m always working on several projects and then new ones pop up. *whew* Anyways, here’s another snippet for Lily and Julian. Remember, this is a rough draft so changes may occur in the final version. I hope you all enjoy. :)


Julian rocked back on his heels, noting how easily Lily shed her clothes in his presence. He would’ve liked it better if she was naked, but this was enjoyable as well. Satisfaction trickled through his desiccated heart as he studied the very nice backside of his little toy. What Lily lacked in height she more than made up in proportion. Her lush body once more made a strong case to sway him against the slim, elongated lines he had always preferred.

Lily was built to be a concubine. She just doesn’t know it yet.

His hands quickly itched to touch her. Julian imagined pushing Lily to the ground. He pictured the look in her eyes and grew hard from imagination. Innocent madness lit within, red mouth parted in wonder as he entered her body one thick inch at a time, all serving to make his dark girl the loveliest he’d ever had the pleasure of bedding.

Lily, fucking you is going to be worth all of this. I’ll make you crave me so that it doesn’t matter how I fuck you—as long as I do. You’re a born masochist, darling, and it’s going to be so rewarding to show you how far I can take you.

Julian approached her, eyes hooded and lust pulling his nerves taut. She stiffened before continuing her movements. Lily’s dress was on, cinching her tiny waist and flaring out along her gorgeous hips. Her arms were at broken angles as she maneuvered the zipper. He reached out and brushed her fingers aside.

“Let me, darling.”

Lily took a second to answer, face stubbornly away from his gaze. “Sure.”

Julian closed his eyes, safe from her eerie stare, and slowly zipped her shut. Immense pleasure overtook him. Julian wished to be responsible for dressing and undressing her from that point on. He could adorn Lily in stockings, dresses, and heels for weeks to come. She’d have a different outfit for each hour, all chosen and worn solely for his favor. Julian would also buy jewels for her hair along with dainty netted hats.

He’d spoil her for sure. It would be a dark delight for as long as she lasted. His fangs lengthened, pricking his lips as his hands settled low on her hips.


He purred in answer.

“What are you doing?”

Her voice, tiny and tight as he imagined her cunt to be, thrummed high. Julian discomforted Lily with his closeness. He could be merciful and do something nasty to her. Perhaps yank her hair or scratch her smooth skin with a claw. Lily responded well to his vicious teasing. It set her firm on the path she thought she wanted to take towards him.

Stupid girl has a death wish.

Julian’s lips parted. He scented her. Lily’s essence entered his body, communicating with him in a way words could never fully explain. His eyelids drifted shut. This little female bedeviled him with her disrespect, temper, and with just being her.

So why was he so drawn to Lily? Why did he just want to stand here forever, at peace and in silence, no poisonous words dripping with malice running the current between them? Madness edged every bit of their interactions so that should be enough for him to keep distance.

Yet, here he was standing behind her simply holding onto her body. Not breaking her neck, not draining her for the sheer pleasure of feeding.

Lily Walker was a dangerous pill to take.

Devil’s Descent III Sneak Peak #4 & Omnibus Cover

Estimated reading time: 4 – 6 minutes

Hey Everyone!

I wanted to share another DDIII snippet and to show off the compilation cover for Devil’s Descent I, II, III. Nice, huh? (Note: The cover may be adjusted further before print but I’m pretty sure this is it.) I just love Lily’s little face! I plan on releasing each part separately in ebook and print and one with all three parts together. Very much looking forward to it.

So here’s another snippet for Lily and Julian. Remember, this is a rough draft so changes may occur in the final version. I hope you all enjoy. 🙂

“Do you finally obey me without a prolonged debate?”

“You got lucky this time.” Lily cocked her head and smiled. “Time is ticking, Julian. We really have to hurry.”

“Truer words have never been spoken.” Julian reached out to adjust the water. Once satisfied, he held the washcloth beneath the tub’s faucet while keeping one hand on Lily’s knee. He balled the soaked cotton in his hand, squeezing it several times, until it dripped slightly. “Close your eyes, darling.”

Lily tilted her head back. Julian gently ran the hot cloth across her face. He paid special attention to her closed eyes and mouth. Her shoulders relaxed and she found it easier to let her hands grip his leg for support.

“Does it feel nice, sweet?”

“Very.” Lily heard his smile and felt his goodwill through the careful strokes across her cheeks.


Julian rinsed the cloth many times, making Lily wonder just how bad she must’ve looked. She avoided looking at herself in the mirror just for that reason.


“Yes, darling?”

“Do you like taking care of me like this?” Julian stopped washing her neck. Lily clenched her eyes shut and said in a rush, “I mean do you really like it when I don’t fight you? When I’m…well…I mean, when I’m not such a bitch?”

“Perish the thought Lily loses all her spine.”

“So is that a no?”

Julian chuckled. “Continue as you are and you’ll find me quite accommodating.”

Lily peeked at him from beneath slit lashes. His exquisitely beautiful face was so close to hers. Familiar yet different. Same face, different person. She braved touching his chin. “I can almost forget you were ever anything different than who you are now.”

“Thank you, darling.” Julian rinsed the cloth out.

“How can you be so different? My other life with you seems like a dream, something I can barely remember even though I know I should.”

“Do you really need those memories?”

“I guess not,” she sighed. “All it does is divides me. That can’t be good.”

Julian ran the warm cloth over her face one final time. “There, all better. Now all we just have to do something with your hair and you’re done. But before that…” He tilted Lily’s head back and warned sternly, “Don’t use the Spirit again for this or I’ll take you over my knee.”

Lily’s mouth dropped open in shock. “You’re threatening to spank me!”

“It’s not a threat. It’s a promise.” Julian smoothed the backs of his fingers against her cheek. “You know how bad it is for you to use that power now, don’t you?”

“There’s a lot of bad things I do. Seeing you is one of them. Should I stop that as well?”

“You can try, but it will be an exercise in futility.”

“Really? Well, my whole life has been an exercise in futility.”

“Perhaps, but I suggest you not try it, darling.” Julian kissed her forehead before gathering the tiny girl in his arms. “Now, no more using the Spirit when we fight.”

Lily felt the familiar pulse from the Spirit. Her brow creased in confusion.

“What is it, darling?”

“It appears She agrees.”

“Of course she does. She wants to continue using you as a meat suit.”

Lily expected the Spirit to show her displeasure at Julian’s disrespectful words. All she received was silence.

“Huh. Well, ain’t that a bitch.”

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Devil’s Descent III: divided Sneak Peek #3

Estimated reading time: 3 – 4 minutes

Hey Everyone! Miss Krissy needs her DDIII fix so I’m very happy to oblige. 😉 It is a rough draft so please excuse the messiness. PS. I really, really want to get this out this year so just know I’m working hard to make that happen.

“How could you be so stupid? You were almost cut in half, you idiot!” Julian hissed in Lily’s ear as he hauled the near-dead girl up to her feet.

Blood seeped poison-thick from her chalky lips. Lily laughed, a terrible gurgle vibrating in her throat as the price for misplaced mirth. “I’m not stupid. Things like this happen.” Lily pitched forward and braced herself to hit the ground. She clenched her fists, keeping the sword handles firmly within her grasp. Julian caught her with his forearm before the gravel could dig into her face.

“Be quiet.” Julian pressed his hand against her back. He felt the hard splint of bone. Spitefulness made him prod the torn muscles longer than needed. Lily didn’t respond. “Did you feel that?”

Draped across his arm, Lily closed her eyes, wanting to give into the pull singing so sweetly from the lake. She imagined the peace to be found settled at the bottom, the living world a dream of filtered light and monotonous current.

Fire speared her, pinning her firmly this side of death.

“Goddamnit!” Lily drove her elbow into Julian’s kidney, taking instinctual care to make it an attention-grabbing move versus a debilitating one. “Did you just poke the back of my lungs?”

“No, but close.” Julian pulled his hand out of her back. Her warm blood painted it like an imperfect crimson glove. “Next time I ask you a question, kindly answer it. Unlike you, I don’t speak just to hear the sound of my voice.”

Lily drove her swords into the ground and used them as leverage to push her body off him. “What are you doing here anyways?”

“Taking you home.”

“No!” Lily yanked her blades out. She suffered every millimeter it took to sheath them. Shallow breaths competed for the dwindling energy to speak. “Go away, Julian. I don’t need you.”

The vampire’s eyes burned red as the fresh blood dripping from her slashed open back. “Lily, your suicidal attempts to try my patience will one night get you exactly what you deserve. Now listen to me carefully, darling. We’re going home before you damage yourself further. Now be a good girl and take my hand.”

“I said no.” Lily tried to wipe the blood off her lips. A thick smear marred her chin and stretched across her unnaturally pale cheek. “I’m not trying to be rude, Julian. I just can’t go home right now.”

“Lily, I’m not asking.”

She jumped back from him, nearly using all of her remaining energy. Staggering against an oak tree, Lily choked down a scream as her raw back made contact with the ridged bark. “My mama…she can’t see me like this…not until…”

“I’m not always a monster, darling.” Julian flashed before her, pinning her against the tree. “All you had to do was explain.”

Lily closed her eyes. His scent brought warmth. “You smell nice.”

“I disagree. I smell rather disgusting. I smell like your death.”

She smiled, daring to lean her head against his chest. “No. You smell wonderful.”

Julian tugged on her ponytail. “It’s rather endearing to hear such pretty words from your mouth for a change.”

“It is, isn’t it?”

Devil’s Descent III: divided Sneak Peek #2

Estimated reading time: 3 – 4 minutes

Hey Everyone!

I’m sharing another sneak peek because Krissy asked so nicely. 🙂 Hopefully this will tide you over until I can get elbows-deep into Julian and Lily’s dreadful romance. Again, this is a rough-draft so please excuse any unnecessary messiness.


“I can’t help but want to bite you, Lily,” Julian drawled while nuzzling her neck. “You’re so shameless in your desires.”

“And you’re such a flirt. If I didn’t hate you so much I’d be enchanted.”

Julian brushed his mouth against hers. “I say you’re enchanted anyways.”

“Over-confident ass.”

“With good reason.”


“Yes, really.” He smiled and smoothed her hair back. “I can’t wait until I break you completely. It would please me so much to see you in pieces, darling.”

The mood melted, bringing dark, dangerous things into play. “You don’t scare me.” Lily’s eyes made her a terrible liar.

“Really?” His smile slid into a cruel smirk. Seeing the ugly truth tattooed into her haunted stare, Julian promised, “I’ll make it a priority to see I do.”

“I’m sure you’ll try. Now what about you?” Lily’s recklessness kicked in to save her from herself. She traced the curve of his mouth with her tongue. Once. Twice.

“What about me?” Julian’s hands settled on her hips and squeezed.

“Aren’t you going to change your clothes?”

“Whatever for?”

“Don’t you want to keep your suit clean? Otherwise, my mama will think you were rolling around in the mud just for fun.” Lily flicked his nose once for emphasis. “You would just have to take it because you’d never tell her the truth.”

“And what would that truth be?”

“That I kicked your ass.”

“One—it would never happen. Two—if it did I wouldn’t have to tell your mother a blessed thing. She knows you a bit more than you give her credit for, darling. Besides, my suit will be just fine. I only need to take off the jacket and tie to take care of you.” Julian pulled away but not before leaving Lily an ephemeral taste. His stare challenged hers as he removed both items and laid them down on the ground carefully.

Lily needed audaciousness to make her words create a lurid divide between them. She slipped off her shoes and lifted the hem of her dress. “It’s a good thing you’re wearing a black shirt.”

“Really? Let me guess…so your bloodstains won’t show?” Julian strolled back to Lily. His hand snaked beneath her gown and unsnapped her garters with appalling ease.

“Ha! You’re so amusing.” Lily obeyed the pressure of his fingers and placed her foot on his thigh. She shivered as he rolled down one stocking before repeating the sensuous process. Baiting Julian suddenly became much harder. “My blood’s not going to get spilled tonight. Too bad the same can’t be said for you, Douglas.”

“I’ve already warned you about my name, Lily. Need I remind you again?”

Cool fingers curled over the tender flesh of her inner thigh. She chose her taunts deliberately. “Douglas.Douglas.Douglas.”

“Bad bitch.”

The smell of blood decayed the air. Lily waited for the animal to step through the pretty, human wrapper.

Devil’s Descent III: divided Sneak Peek #1

Estimated reading time: 2 – 3 minutes

Hey Everyone!

I’m popping in (as always) to share a snippet of Devil’s Descent III: divided. I definitely have so many balls in the air right now when it comes to juggling Claudia D. Christian, Charlotte DeCorte, and D. Cristiana so it’s great knowing Devil’s Descent is still just as fun to write as it always is. 🙂

Hope you all look forward to it’s release later this year as much as I am!

PS. It is a rough draft so…just sayin’.


“Where have you been?”

Lily had just turned off the engine when she found herself snatched out of the car. She pulled away but Julian’s well-manicured hand only squeezed harder until she submitted. Lily remained trapped and entirely too close to him. His cologne intoxicated. She swayed forward before remembering who he really was.

Nice doesn’t mean anything when it comes to Julian. He’s just waiting around until he gets to kill me.

“I asked you a question. Kindly answer it.”

“Out. Now let go.”

“Is that any way to speak to the man who’s courting you?” Mesmerizing eyes flashed red.

“I’ll speak to you any way I want to.”

“Will you?”


His fanged smile promised retribution. “You are a slow learner, Lily.”

“And you’re an asshole.”

Julian pinched the back of her arm. “No dirty words out of you, darling. You’re in enough trouble with me as it is. Now where were you?”

“It’s none of your business.”

“Hmm, you might be correct.” He smoothed Lily’s bare arm in a mocking attempt to alleviate the nasty sting caused by his punishment. “However, I don’t think so.”

“Of course not. That would make you reasonable.”

“Answer my question.”


“Have it your way, darling, but know you will tell me.”

“I don’t owe you any explanations, Julian.”

“Hush.” Julian dragged Lily up the porch. “Behave.” His devilish grin couldn’t disguise the fury electrifying his crystalline gaze. He knocked on the door once before entering with Lily in tow. “Mrs. Walker, your daughter and I will be strolling about the grounds if that is acceptable to you.”

Devil’s Descent Series Covers

Estimated reading time: 2 – 3 minutes

Hey Everyone!

I’ve been restructuring my 2011 Writing Goals and with that came the belated realization that I’m no good at series hopping. (I should already know this by now.) I’ve been meaning to work on my Vicious Bliss series but find Devil’s Descent to be quite bossy.

Soooo, I’ve decided to just focus on Devil’s Descent for my Claudia work. (I’m going to be focused on the My Love… novella prequel and short novel as Charlotte.)

Cool right?

Almost. See, before I can write word one of a story I have to have a cover for it. Weird, I know. What else is new? I’ve spent the past week stuck on the Devil’s Descent III cover when it finally hit me Thursday. I was using the wrong image and wrong theme! Once I figured that out, the design block had melted.

I designed all the four outstanding covers as well as redid DDII and tweaked DDI. (Now all I need to do is write them. *excited squeal*)

Without further ado, here they are:

DEVIL’S DESCENT I: purgatory