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Mad for the Billionaire eBook Release

Hello Everyone! I’m back again with a Charlotte DeCorte release. (This is the one I was talking about here.) I tried my hand at a sci-fi billionaire with Amelia and Charlotte wanted to take her melancholy turn at it as well. ;) So here we go:

Need Me – Being Trevor’s Toy ebook Release

Hello Everyone! As I mentioned in my last post, here’s the latest Charlotte DeCorte release. It’s got a masochistic ballerina who’s deliriously-in-love with a dark, damaged mess of a man. Sounds like Charlotte! ;)

Yes, Mr. Collins ebook Release

Hey Everyone! I’m popping in to announce my latest Charlotte DeCorte piece “Yes, Mr. Collins.” This is the first in a planned four-part vignette series.

Cry for Me ebook Release

Okay, I’m a little (a lot) nervous about releasing my first erotic piece, written under the pen name of Charlotte DeCorte, that has no paranormal events or psychotic characters. However, regardless of whether I’m writing as Claudia or Charlotte you know I’m going to have to go dark.

Cry for Me Snippet

Hey everyone!

I’m coming out of my cozy, little office to share a snippet from a new short story I’ve been working on as Charlotte, “Cry for Me.”

My Love Forgive Inspiration & Snippet

My laptop has been down for the past month. *sob* I recently was able to access my hard drive so I’m back on writing “My Love Forgive.” I definitely have lost about a month’s worth of time so I’m working hard to counteract that.

2011 Writing Goals for CDC & Charlotte

I recently had a very nice e-mail asking me on my WIP progress which in turn inspired this post. (Thanks, Paola!)

Here’s what I have shaking, so far, for 2011:

My Love Forgive Snippet

I’m dropping in to post a little snippet from my first Charlotte DeCorte piece entitled, “My Love Forgive.” It’s a little rough around the edges but it gives you hint of what I’m working on.

Who’s Charlotte?

I’m dropping in to talk a bit about erotica and the lack in Claudia D. Christian. I strive to write unconventional love stories that are sad and erotic, but seem to really take a shining towards the psychological impact bad relationships seem to have.

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