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Devil’s Descent II: impure update 7-17-10

Julian was far beyond the ability to blush. He had spent many a conversation with forthright mothers in his time before Ian. He also didn’t doubt this was the source of Lily’s bluntness.

Suicide Doll update 6-30-10

Violation had a way with them both. Making love, fucking, raping—it all meant the same thing. Barely distinguishable acts meant to raise them both out of their ennui. To think of sex in this way proved he was broken and always had been. The Broker was right.

Devil’s Descent II update 3-26-10

He studied the young girl next to him. His memories tumbled over one another. Flashes of insignificance. Intolerable adoration overlapping diseased frustration. There was a time when he had suffered joy knowing Lily.

Trunk–Part I Update 1-20-10

The demons seemed content to possess Ashley. Now, they needed another conscience to ply their venom. Ashley, usually in perfect control of her bountiful emotions, had been a thorn in his side ever since Halloween.

Wash Away by Greenway Review

So what exactly has me so moved by Wash Away?

It is a decidely dark, psychological look into the psyche of a character whose very emptiness is only compounded by the unwanted love he has for the epitome of everything he has ever loathed.

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