The Alien Billionaire’s Pet eBook Release

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Hello Everyone! I’m on a blogging roll. Three posts in two days? Wow. So you may have read in a couple of other posts about my latest pen name, Amelia Amberson. Being that I use my names, not for secrecy, but more as branding I needed Amelia. I’ve had a thing for alien hybrids forever. They’re exotic, sexy, and fascinating. I lovingly blame Lotor from Voltron for my fascination with villains. Oh, and Johnny Depp in The Astronaut’s Wife. (I’ll probably have to do a post on that soon. 🙂 ) Anyways, I needed Amelia to explore my scifi erotica/erotic romance side since it didn’t seem to fit with Claudia, Charlotte, or D. Cristiana.

Hence, Amelia Amberson.

So onto my amalgamation of aliens and billionaires. 50 Shades has inspired a whole slew of serials, novels, and shorts all surrounding dominant billionaires. I absolutely wanted to try my hand at it, but with a scifi twist. Hence the direct title: The Alien Billionaire’s Pet.


One minute I was a girl new to the city and out for Chinese. The next I was fighting for my life. Just when I thought I was about to become another statistic, Kristophe Maximillian Cross burst into the alley and saved me by killing my attacker. Without ever physically touching him to do it.

“Your choices are limited. Stay here and face the authorities. Come with me and you agree to obey me. Which do you choose?”

I should’ve been afraid of this gorgeous stranger dressed in a suit, especially because of his eyes. Blacker than black they proved he wasn’t human, even though his perfect face was everything I could ever want in a man. Regardless, Kristophe risked exposure to save me and maybe that’s why I followed him home.

Immensely wealthy and handsome beyond compare, Kristophe made it clear I belonged to him and he expected perfect obedience from his newfound pet. That first night he fed me, spoiled me with attention, and uncovered my submissive nature with one word: Master.

Obedience got fiery kisses and touches that left me begging for more. Disobedience got punishment. And I experienced it all in just a day.

It was one day in my life, but it was ‘the’ day when I fully became my Master’s pet and he became my greatest love…

Note: This is a 28,000 word novella (approximately 94 pages).


“Do you understand, pet?”

“Yes.” The word tasted dry, brittle. Full of failure and helplessness.

“I hope that you do and don’t test me.” His fingers released my chin and slid across my mouth. They pressed down into the fleshiness of my full lower lip. Electricity flowed between us, sudden and powerful.

I gasped. Warmth slithered across my body, pulsing like liquid flame. Sexual desire dampened my folds and tightened my nipples into hard, aching points beneath his coat. That I understood, even if I was disturbed by the physical reaction.

What I didn’t understand or had experienced since my mother’s passing was the intense closeness. It was as if this strange man dipped inside me for a bit and actually felt me. All of me. Not the numb victimized me or the cagey monosyllabic me.

Just me.

The person I don’t remember being but someone I surely had been once upon a time, a long, long time ago. Someone full of love and potential and joy.

“You feel it, don’t you?”

I nodded, overcome with the sensation of Kristophe’s imprint.

“That’s because you’re not resisting. Not even a little bit.” The pads of his fingertips brushed my warm cheek. “Such a good girl I have here. I can already tell that you and I will get along beautifully, pet.”

My eyelids slid shut. His touch continued to wrap around me much like his coat. I experienced the heady intoxication of feeling safe, protected, and nurtured.

I could become addicted to it. To him for giving it to me.

A chime interrupted. He released me, severing the strange connection immediately. He pushed the silver button to activate the partition. “Yes, Meyers?”

“We’ll be approaching the restaurant in about three minutes. The order should be ready by the time we get there, sir.”

“Thank you, Meyers.”

“Yes, sir.”

Although the exchange lasted a few seconds, it was enough time for me to get my bearings. I looked down at my lap, foolishly wondering if I had imagined it all.

The emptiness in my body told the truth. So did the wetness between my naked thighs. I didn’t understand how I could feel lust, especially so shortly after what almost happened to me, but I felt it. I imagine that if Kristophe had pushed me down onto my back, I would’ve happily stayed there and opened my legs for whatever he wanted.


  • The Alien Billionaire’s Pet
  • Word Count: 28,000 (Approximate)
  • Categories: Romance-SciFi, Erotic Romance, BDSM
  • DRM-Free
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Strawberries, Aliens, & Sneak Peak

Estimated reading time: 4 – 6 minutes


Hello, Everyone! As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve been working on a bazillion house projects and writing projects. When I’m not playing with Julian & Lily from DDIII as Claudia, I’m dipping my mental pen in several different universes.

Charlotte has been visiting the Billionaire landscape about a childhood sweetheart couple who loved too much, broke up (twice!), and finally come back together to find a BDSM love story.

D. Cristiana has trespassed onto Claudia’s territory by exploring a dystopian future where a human woman agrees to become a vampire’s secretary. Angst, blood, and strangeness abound.

Amelia loves all things alien hybrid. Put saving a girl, D/S, spankings, alien hybrids, billionaire status, and you have this:

“Come here.” He pointed to the spot next to him. When I didn’t move he growled, “Now.”

That worked in making me bend to his will. Cautious, I scooted over. His cool hand cupped my chin, tightening when I tried to draw away.

“Don’t ever lie to me, pet. Not only is it futile, it is one of the few things that draws my anger. I say this for your benefit—don’t make me angry.”

My heart thudded hard. His stare flickered, showing me the ebony hiding beneath the human orbs.

“What exactly are you?”

Maybe he was a demon like on all those TV shows? The black eyes definitely supported it. Or a robot? Logic seemed to be his go-to way of being and talking. No, scratch that. He was too warm to be a robot. Unless he was some kind of government project that escaped. Although I’d never read about A.I. being this advanced, anything was possible.

He smirked again. “You’ll learn soon enough. For now I’m Master to you in all things and especially when you’re in my bed—but only if you’ve been a good girl.”

A blush flamed across my cheeks and throat. Master? In his bed? Good girl? While certainly no virgin, I could count on one hand the amount of partners I’d had. None of them were ever so presumptuous to assume out loud I would grace his bed sheets.

Yet, his presumptuous wasn’t the same. It was a fact. Non-negotiable. We both knew it.

This should be out in the next day or so. 🙂


Which brings me to this. I have Netflix (which I love) and it wasn’t until I was done with my Amelia story that I fell back in passionate love with a TV show cut too early. Roswell. Oh, how I loved that show! Alien hybrids, true love in the form of Max and Liz, hot love in the form of Michael and Maria, conspiracies, intrigue, love triangles (kinda), and it was awesome!

I remember first seeing the promo on WB back when I actually lived in a town called Roswell. 😉

If you’ve never seen it, I highly recommend checking it out. It seriously has aged very well and Michael and Maria are still just as fiery and hot a couple as I’ve ever seen. Max and Liz are still the sweetest ever. They inspire me to one day give a sweet love story a try…


Speaking of sweet, the other night I made these for the first time:

Nummy little cakes!

I loved it and couldn’t believe I’ve gone almost thirty-six years without ever making this angel food cake/cup, whipped topping, strawberry treat.

Neither did this little feline punk (at least the whipped topping anyways):


That is Persephone, or Baby Persephone as she’s known around here. She’s much smaller than the rest of our feline brood and the youngest so she gets Baby as part of her name. She’s also the flirtiest and the naughtiest. Needless to say our treat wasn’t ruined–only the whipped topping.  >.< Bad cat!

So that’s what’s been going on around here. See you all again soon!