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My Love Forgive Inspiration & Snippet

My laptop has been down for the past month. *sob* I recently was able to access my hard drive so I’m back on writing “My Love Forgive.” I definitely have lost about a month’s worth of time so I’m working hard to counteract that.

Grim Alice update 7-29-10

Before Alice could stumble through any more replies, Director H. waved his hand over her. The towel fell off. She wore a suit identical to his except in black. Alice’s hair slicked back into a pony-tail knotted high on her head.

Suicide Doll update 6-30-10

Violation had a way with them both. Making love, fucking, raping—it all meant the same thing. Barely distinguishable acts meant to raise them both out of their ennui. To think of sex in this way proved he was broken and always had been. The Broker was right.

Devil’s Descent II update 6-29-10

Julian eyed her lacy black bra with matching panties, garters, and torn stockings. “I think you look like a delicious mess. I think your mind is even more of a mess. In other words, I think you’re insane, Lily, and I look forward to seeing what kind of a lover that will make you. Will I be able to trust you in my bed or will I have to chain you to make sure you don’t try to stake me?”

Grim Alice update 5-30-10

Director H. patted her head once. “Let that sit for a bit, dearest.” He moved to the stairs and made himself comfortable. The water entrenched him half-way to the knee. He crossed one over the other prettily. “Now, about your partner. He’s a prig, Alice, of the first order. He’s going to look down his well-bred nose and declare you inferior.”

Devil’s Descent II update 5-24-10

“Isn’t this what you always wanted, Lily?” Julian sidled closer. He breathed in her ear. “I know you hated the kind, considerate lover Ian promised to be. I’m giving you what you want.”

Devil’s Descent II update 5-11-10

The pictures in Lily’s mind singed. Never the same. Always damaged. Always incomplete. A falsity to being an honest representation of the past.

That’s what being next to Julian Douglas did to a person like Lily.

Devil’s Descent II update 4-29-10

“Hmm…my darling, little girl.” Julian nuzzled her ear with his nose. “You could never be anyone other than you. Filthy, immoral, base, crazed.”

Vicious Bliss: broken update 4-26-10

His gaze flicked away, scattering the confidence there and replacing it with somber dimness. “Everything changes and yet it doesn’t. I’m afraid that this will end before it begins. I don’t want that. I don’t that to happen at all.”

Devil’s Descent II update 4-15-10

Sadness receded into something far more pleasing. Her mouth watered with twisted craving. The desire to be wicked filled her with craven longing. Her fingers twitched.

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