Thirst: Tales of Vampire Romance Boxed Set Release

Thirst 3D_600

I’m brushing off the dust and poking my head in here. I can’t believe it’s been over a year since I posted here. What started off as yet another pen name project ended up being an incredible experience that opened up many doors for me–including landing me on the USA Today and New York Times lists on two different projects.

But I never did forget or stop loving my CDC stories, WIPs and especially Devil’s Descent. :) Continue reading

What’s Been Going On Spring 2013 Part 1


Hello Everyone! You haven’t seen or heard from me in a bit, have you? I’ve been neck deep in projects, graduation, writing, gardening, and all that good stuff. Our family came to visit to see my oldest son’s graduation. (Which took place a month ago today in fact.) I still can’t believe my baby is out of school, especially because I’m coming up on it being 20 years since I graduated. (Class of 1994.)

I worked like a fiend these past few months, enough so that I dropped some pounds before they crept back this last month. (Been writing like mad on a project and not doing a lot of moving around.) Anyways, I wanted to show you all how my Spring went. It’s pretty photo-intensive so I’ll be posting another part soon. Continue reading

Don’t Regret This (Marcus & Marguerite #3) ebook Release

Don't Regret This (Marcus & Marguerite #3)

Hey Everyone! Hope your January has been rocking and awesome. I’m happy to announce my latest offering in the Marcus & Marguerite world first introduced in Dark Desires: Sold: Don’t Regret This. It’s the longest piece so far in this universe and I really enjoyed playing in their world and discovering more M & M facets. Continue reading

Devil’s Descent III Sneak Peak #4 & Omnibus Cover

Devil's Descent 1-3 Omnibus Cover

Hey Everyone!

I wanted to share another DDIII snippet and to show off the compilation cover for Devil’s Descent I, II, III. Nice, huh? (Note: The cover may be adjusted further before print but I’m pretty sure this is it.) I just love Lily’s little face! I plan on releasing each part separately in ebook and print and one with all three parts together. Very much looking forward to it. Continue reading

Give into Me (Seduced by a Beautiful Stranger) ebook Release

Give into Me by D. Cristiana

Latest D. Cristiana ebook release: My name is Nina Benton. I am a level-headed, responsible woman who never goes to bed with a man I’m not in a relationship with. Especially not a stranger I meet in a hotel bar.

Yet, Alexei Konstantinov is tempting me to do just that. He’s gorgeous, all hard lines and so virile I can help but feel myself melt in his presence.

“Come upstairs with me, Nina. Please,” he says. His pale gaze watches me like prey, drinking in all my luscious curves as if I’m the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen. Can I give into Alexei and take what I so desperately want more than anything I’ve ever wanted before? Continue reading