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Mad for the Billionaire eBook Release

Hello Everyone! I’m back again with a Charlotte DeCorte release. (This is the one I was talking about here.) I tried my hand at a sci-fi billionaire with Amelia and Charlotte wanted to take her melancholy turn at it as well. ;) So here we go:

The Alien Billionaire’s Pet eBook Release

50 Shades has inspired a whole slew of serials, novels, and shorts all surrounding dominant billionaires. I absolutely wanted to try my hand at it, but with a scifi twist. Hence the direct title: The Alien Billionaire’s Pet.

Don’t Regret This (Marcus & Marguerite #3) ebook Release

Hey Everyone! Hope your January has been rocking and awesome. I’m happy to announce my latest offering in the Marcus & Marguerite world first introduced in Dark Desires: Sold: Don’t Regret This. It’s the longest piece so far in this universe and I really enjoyed playing in their world and discovering more M & M facets.

Give into Me (Seduced by a Beautiful Stranger) ebook Release

Latest D. Cristiana ebook release: My name is Nina Benton. I am a level-headed, responsible woman who never goes to bed with a man I’m not in a relationship with. Especially not a stranger I meet in a hotel bar.

Yet, Alexei Konstantinov is tempting me to do just that. He’s gorgeous, all hard lines and so virile I can help but feel myself melt in his presence.

“Come upstairs with me, Nina. Please,” he says. His pale gaze watches me like prey, drinking in all my luscious curves as if I’m the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen. Can I give into Alexei and take what I so desperately want more than anything I’ve ever wanted before?

Alice & the White Rabbit eBook Release

My name is Alice Light and I used to be a dull, dull girl. That changed one night when I followed a beautiful man dressed in white into an alley, kissed him until I fell at his feet, and ended up in violent, bloody world called Wonderland.

Need Me – Being Trevor’s Toy ebook Release

Hello Everyone! As I mentioned in my last post, here’s the latest Charlotte DeCorte release. It’s got a masochistic ballerina who’s deliriously-in-love with a dark, damaged mess of a man. Sounds like Charlotte! ;)

Freeing Damian & Taming Juliana ebook Release

Hey Everyone! I can’t believe we’re already in November, can you? Anyways, I’m happy to announce another D. Cristiana piece – Freeing Damian & Taming Juliana. It’s a little bit inspired by the one crawling scene in “9 1/2 Weeks” but unlike Elizabeth, Juliana really likes it. :)

Love Blind (A Dark Love Story) ebook Release

Hello Everyone! I’m announcing another release but before I get to that I want to share a little bit about this title.

I started this a couple of months after my Mother-in-Law passed. It was meant to be a fun piece to get back into writing. Vampires + rough sex = Awesome! That was the plan but that’s not what happened. The story quickly grew its own agenda and light BDSM awesome goodness wasn’t part of it.

Somehow I’ve managed to write one of my darkest and sweetest Claudia stories. Strange, right?

Make You Cry (Marcus & Marguerite #2) eBook Release

Hello Everyone!

I’m pleased to announce my latest D. Cristiana release. It’s a continuation into Marcus and Marguerite’s world from Dark Desires: Sold.

Becoming Devon’s Girl ebook Release

Hello Everyone! I had a very busy last couple of months working on some late 2011 pieces. (I’m really hauling booty so that way I can block off July for some serious DDIII. :) )

In celebration of my newest release, I’m having a sale on all D. Cristiana fiction until July 21, 2012. So if you haven’t had a chance to pick them up know they’re on sale right meow!

Okay, onto the belle of this particular ball—”Becoming Devon’s Girl”:

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