Devil’s Descent III: divided Sneak Peek #5

Estimated reading time: 3 – 5 minutes

Devil's Descent 1-3 Omnibus Cover

It’s been much too long, hasn’t it? I’m such a pokey writer and I’m always working on several projects and then new ones pop up. *whew* Anyways, here’s another snippet for Lily and Julian. Remember, this is a rough draft so changes may occur in the final version. I hope you all enjoy. :)


Julian rocked back on his heels, noting how easily Lily shed her clothes in his presence. He would’ve liked it better if she was naked, but this was enjoyable as well. Satisfaction trickled through his desiccated heart as he studied the very nice backside of his little toy. What Lily lacked in height she more than made up in proportion. Her lush body once more made a strong case to sway him against the slim, elongated lines he had always preferred.

Lily was built to be a concubine. She just doesn’t know it yet.

His hands quickly itched to touch her. Julian imagined pushing Lily to the ground. He pictured the look in her eyes and grew hard from imagination. Innocent madness lit within, red mouth parted in wonder as he entered her body one thick inch at a time, all serving to make his dark girl the loveliest he’d ever had the pleasure of bedding.

Lily, fucking you is going to be worth all of this. I’ll make you crave me so that it doesn’t matter how I fuck you—as long as I do. You’re a born masochist, darling, and it’s going to be so rewarding to show you how far I can take you.

Julian approached her, eyes hooded and lust pulling his nerves taut. She stiffened before continuing her movements. Lily’s dress was on, cinching her tiny waist and flaring out along her gorgeous hips. Her arms were at broken angles as she maneuvered the zipper. He reached out and brushed her fingers aside.

“Let me, darling.”

Lily took a second to answer, face stubbornly away from his gaze. “Sure.”

Julian closed his eyes, safe from her eerie stare, and slowly zipped her shut. Immense pleasure overtook him. Julian wished to be responsible for dressing and undressing her from that point on. He could adorn Lily in stockings, dresses, and heels for weeks to come. She’d have a different outfit for each hour, all chosen and worn solely for his favor. Julian would also buy jewels for her hair along with dainty netted hats.

He’d spoil her for sure. It would be a dark delight for as long as she lasted. His fangs lengthened, pricking his lips as his hands settled low on her hips.


He purred in answer.

“What are you doing?”

Her voice, tiny and tight as he imagined her cunt to be, thrummed high. Julian discomforted Lily with his closeness. He could be merciful and do something nasty to her. Perhaps yank her hair or scratch her smooth skin with a claw. Lily responded well to his vicious teasing. It set her firm on the path she thought she wanted to take towards him.

Stupid girl has a death wish.

Julian’s lips parted. He scented her. Lily’s essence entered his body, communicating with him in a way words could never fully explain. His eyelids drifted shut. This little female bedeviled him with her disrespect, temper, and with just being her.

So why was he so drawn to Lily? Why did he just want to stand here forever, at peace and in silence, no poisonous words dripping with malice running the current between them? Madness edged every bit of their interactions so that should be enough for him to keep distance.

Yet, here he was standing behind her simply holding onto her body. Not breaking her neck, not draining her for the sheer pleasure of feeding.

Lily Walker was a dangerous pill to take. 

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  1. Wow, that was awesome. I can’t wait to read the whole thing. 🙂

  2. HOT. Am dying to buy this!

  3. 🙂 Patty! I’ll be so glad to get my mental house in order so I can focus on this sadly neglected series.

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