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Hello, everyone! I’ve been MIA much of this year, but working like a devil on all sorts of mental and physical projects. As far as the house goes, my husband Adam and I have a huge-for-us goal: finish all our influx house projects before our oldest son AC graduates from high school in May. (Wow. I still have a hard time believing our baby is only a couple of months away from his diploma.)

This goal list includes lots of painting of rooms already painted–which makes Adam all monkey-faced about it. He’s okay with touching up paint but repainting? All I’m saying is that we’ve lived with Fossil Butte in the living room for six years. It’s time to go to Informal Ivory. Great thing he likes the new color. :)

I usually write all throughout the day. Lately though I’ve been staying up until 3 or 4 am so that I can take care of house stuff during the daylight hours.

Here’s a sample of what’s been occupying me:


Refinished Chair, Cushion, Pillow, & Pandora


Refinished Chair, Cushion, Pillow, & Jaguar

These chairs were passed onto us by my beloved Mother-in-Law. They were a project for her that she never got around to finishing, so that was a huge priority for me this year. I stained them, recovered the cushions, sewed the pillows, and then used some of her costume jewelry as accents.

I used a couple of pillows from a thrift store instead of buying pillow inserts which saved me a lot of money. Yay! The covers needed to be removable since I live in a house full of about a bazillion animals and since I haven’t learned how to sew button holes, I went with the flap method. (Which reminds me–I need to pin the cover on Jaguar’s chair better.)


Informal Ivory & Painting Tape

This shot doesn’t do a good job at all of capturing how warm, lovely, and awesome my Informal Ivory shade is but it does a great job of showing the painter’s tape. It’s all over the living room, y’all! I have a quirk in that I don’t pull the tape down until the entire room is done. And since I ran out of tape yesterday…

Informal Ivory vs. Fossil Butte & Doll Faces

My husband & I stopped painting right about here. The chain you see here goes to a really cool vintage lamp that belonged to my MIL. I should’ve snapped a picture of it. It’s white and sky blue and just lovely and delicate. Just so pretty.

So as you can see, I still have walls to paint before I can cross this sucker off our list. (Along with crown molding, quarter-round, and a few other things to complete the living room. Okay, not a few. A lot.)


Fabric & Drop-Cloth Project

In order to save money and be crafty, I’m going to sew drop-cloth into curtain panels decorated with this fabric and possibly another. I’m looking forward to doing it but I’m not going to do it until I finish painting that wall. Which I can’t do until I get more tape. So until then, this baby is going to sit here in my kitchen as a reminder to hurry up and get that tape!

Which brings up my little work surface…

Work Surface?

Yeah, it’s pretty messy. I do clear it off when I sew, but I think I’ve given up keeping it tidy while the living room is a WIP. Then it’ll be a huuuugggeee WIP in the kitchen when I start working on that. That brown beadboard is going to be painted white and go on our dresser-turned-into-a-kitchen island that Adam did for me back in November. Actually, it’s going to be a part II because we figured out a few things we’d like to change on it. (Like the top and side and color…okay, maybe it shouldn’t count as a part II but rather a project in its own right.)

The kitchen is going to try me but I just keep thinking about the finished product. Which doesn’t mean stuff like this doesn’t make me monkey-faced:

Kitchen wall is missing something...

We still need to touch this up with more drywall mud before we can paint over it. I’ll be so glad when this wall is done. So glad. I also need to reorganize my little hutch there. It’s got a mixture of my MIL’s dishes and dishes from her mother. I really want to honor her things, thus her memory, but making it all pretty. I know she’d like to see her things prettified that it does give me that extra push to keep going even when I get bored/antsy/tired while doing all this stuff.

I’ve got a bazillion things to do in my kitchen and I’ll be sure to have pics for it later. Seriously, you don’t want to see my dirty dishes right now. ;)


Needless to say, I’m writing virtually every day–even if it’s only a little bit. January saw me writing little bits, February saw my kids sick for a couple of weeks before getting me (I don’t usually get sick but boy did I get my butt handed to me!) so that month’s progress was tiny but still there. March has been the first month that I’ve really cranked up production–even though I’ve only released one thing this year so far.

I’ve been working on Devil’s Descent III, a Charlotte project, D. Cristiana project, and an Amelia project. (My sci-fi erotica name.)

Busy, busy, busy.

Where I get busy!

All the things I need: laptop, Blistex, my iPod, soda, and view of the TV. (Which I really don’t use since I always listen to music, but I like to have options.)

So this is where I’ve been this year. Busy, tired, and full of stuff to do. :) I’ll probably release some sneak peeks soon, so please be on the lookout. 

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  1. Hi Claudia, Thankyou for giving me a glimpse into your life and yourself – it is heartwarming to read about and see! You are inspirational and a very busy and organised lady – who cares deeply about her family. My 2 girls are at Uni now and lead very busy lives – wanting to study and still wanting to have the money to be independant. Loving your writing and have done for years – it is such a wonderful, insightful form of expression, Take Care…Yours in admiration, Juanita :)

  2. Glad your feeling better! Looking forward to more of your work this year!

  3. Thanks so much for you sweet words, Juanita! Your girls at Uni now? That’s awesome! So you know what’s coming up for me when my oldest flies the coop. *sob* It’s said so often but it’s true: they grow up so fast. I still vividly remember the moment he was born and now he’s 17. And you’ve gone through this twice. Wow!

    RE: Writing. *hugs* I’m so glad to know you’ve enjoyed my work. As a writer, I’ve spent so much time inside my head coming up with these stories and while I don’t necessarily point this out, every story as a piece of me, my life, or my thoughts that I’m trying to work on. It’s my own therapy! ;) So it’s awesome to know that others take pleasure in what I do. Thank you.

  4. Thank you, Ericka. I’m glad to better because February just disappeared. :( I’m working on getting more stuff out this second quarter. (DD III is the one I want out the most, but it’s also the one I work on the slowest. I’m so meticulous on that story that I have the speed of a turtle going in reverse. ;))

    Add in my other pen names and I’ve got tons to do. Hope you enjoy the ones coming out next, Ericka! :)

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