Give into Me (Seduced by a Beautiful Stranger) ebook Release

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Give into Me by D. Cristiana

Hey Everyone! I’m back again so quickly. :) Here’s another release that I didn’t announce immediately due to my head scratching on what to do about the site and releases. *bad Claudia*


My name is Nina Benton. I am a level-headed, responsible woman who never goes to bed with a man I’m not in a relationship with. Especially not a stranger I meet in a hotel bar.

Yet, Alexei Konstantinov is tempting me to do just that. He’s gorgeous, all hard lines and so virile I can help but feel myself melt in his presence.

“Come upstairs with me, Nina. Please,” he says. His pale gaze watches me like prey, drinking in all my luscious curves as if I’m the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen. Can I give into Alexei and take what I so desperately want more than anything I’ve ever wanted before?

I want to. God, I do.

Warning: This 8,600 word short story contains explicit descriptions of sexual activity between a tall, dark, and handsome stranger and the petite, curvaceous woman he’ll do anything to have and to keep.


“Come upstairs with me, Nina. Please.”

“What happens then?” I already know my decision and I’m not trying to be coy. I need to hear the words from him. I need to know exactly what my rebellion is going to encompass.

Alexei lifts my hand to his mouth. He kisses my knuckles tenderly, lips soft as satin. Now that I’ve decided to be this new girl for a night, it’s as if my entire body has come alive just for him. I shudder, nearly overcome by the exquisite sensation. I can’t help but think about how his lips would feel along my hips and thighs.

“Alexei? What happens if I go upstairs with you?”

He rubs his cheek across my hand, eyes closing in supreme bliss. “What happens is we make love, Nina, all night long. I keep you here another day so we can fall asleep together and wake up to do it over and over again long into the night. I feed you in bed, bathe you, and sleep with you. We obey what our bodies have been screaming since I first saw you and you saw me. That’s what happens, Nina, if you go upstairs with me.”

I whisper his name and lean towards him. I’m scared to take this step, to break all my hard-earned rules. All my life I’ve been the kind of person my Gamma could be proud of and the kind of level-headed woman Alina could never contemplate being.

And now it’s all drifting away from me, leaving me as someone I’m not quite sure I dislike being.

Alexei opens his eyes and whispers hotly, “Say you want that too, Nina. Tell me it’s not just me. Tell me you feel this fire burning away all sanity, forcing you to do and say things you never would in a million years.”

My stomach tightens. Alexei has peered into me, giving words to the madness firing every nerve and impulse. It’s true. I don’t want to fight it anymore. Regret may dog me another day, but not over this. I won’t regret it. No matter if tomorrow we feel differently and Alexei ends up being a completely different man come morning.

I won’t regret this.

“Take me upstairs, Alexei.” My legs go weak as soon as I say it. I ignore the sensations. “Let’s go now. Please.”

He surges out of his seat, hand still enfolded over mine. I barely have time to grab my purse before Alexei drags me out of the bar. I don’t have to look over my shoulder to see the sly glances cutting our way. I also don’t have time to feel embarrassed. My heels clack noisily over the polished floor as I try to keep up with Alexei.

He suddenly turns and scoops me up in his arms. I cling to him, burying my face into his chest and doing my best to keep from ripping his shirt open. I look up, enchanted by the delicious cologne wafting beneath my nose. He nods to the few people we pass in the lobby, shameless in his hurry to carry me to the elevator. The silvered doors open immediately and we enter. Thankfully it’s empty. Alexei continues to hold me.


  • Give into Me (Seduced by a Beautiful Stranger)
  • Word Count: 8,600
  • Categories: Erotic Romance, Contemporary, Adult Romance
  • DRM-Free
  • $2.99





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  1. This sounds really good Claudia. I’m going to check it out.

    Just wanted to see if there is any news on DDIII. I just re-read the DDI and DDII and am anxious for book 3.

    Love your writing,

    Happy Holidays,


  2. Hey Krissy,

    DDIII is coming along. I’m having fun with it and really hope that I’ve balanced the mix of darkness, angst, violence, and lust well.

    Thanks so much letting me know how much you enjoy it, Krissy. It helps keep me going—especially when I have so many projects I’m working on. ;)

    Happy Holidays to you and yours!

  3. hey Claudia, i’d just like to say that i’m a huge fan of your work, i absolutely LOVED devil’s decent purgatory!!

    the only thing is, i can’t find the second book anywhere :(

  4. Hey Jo! Thanks so much letting me know how much you dig my writing. :) Here’s a link to Devil’s Descent II: impure at Amazon – and you can also find it at Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, Sony, Kobo, and over at Apple.

    Hope this helps and thanks again for giving me some Devil’s Descent love. ;)

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