Devil’s Descent Series Covers

Estimated reading time: 2 – 3 minutes

Hey Everyone!

I’ve been restructuring my 2011 Writing Goals and with that came the belated realization that I’m no good at series hopping. (I should already know this by now.) I’ve been meaning to work on my Vicious Bliss series but find Devil’s Descent to be quite bossy.

Soooo, I’ve decided to just focus on Devil’s Descent for my Claudia work. (I’m going to be focused on the My Love… novella prequel and short novel as Charlotte.)

Cool right?

Almost. See, before I can write word one of a story I have to have a cover for it. Weird, I know. What else is new? I’ve spent the past week stuck on the Devil’s Descent III cover when it finally hit me Thursday. I was using the wrong image and wrong theme! Once I figured that out, the design block had melted.

I designed all the four outstanding covers as well as redid DDII and tweaked DDI. (Now all I need to do is write them. *excited squeal*)

Without further ado, here they are:

DEVIL’S DESCENT I: purgatory






Cry for Me ebook Release

Estimated reading time: 3 – 4 minutes

Ava is emotionally complicated. Sevastian is emotionally repressed. To ease the burdens of their high-stress lives, they like to play violent dominance and submission games. However, one night things go too far. How will Ava and Sevastian come to terms with the dark knowledge that it’s not all just fun and games but a new way of life?

Okay, I’m a little (a lot) nervous about releasing my first erotic piece, written under the pen name of Charlotte DeCorte, that has no paranormal events or psychotic characters. ;) However, regardless of whether I’m writing as Claudia or Charlotte you know I’m going to have to go dark.

This novella contains violent sex, spanking, light bondage, along with dominance and submission themes. It is meant for adults who enjoy reading about unconventional relationships.


She settled herself over him, perversely frustrated when Sevastian laid his hands high on her back and away from her sore bottom.

His voice gentled from the sneering tone of before. “If you keep crying I won’t make you feel good. You want to feel good now, don’t you?”

Ava nodded, thrilled to know of the comfort awaiting her, yet dissatisfied. Guilt gnawed at the edges of her contentment. Their interactions were all grounded in glorious order.

Punishment first. Pleasure second. Peace third.

Ava’s need had become their ritual, a sacrament for all things to be measured by. What was dirty could become clean. Tranquility made out of overwhelming chaos and emptiness filled.

So why did she want to break their sacred array? Why did she want more?  Why was she plotting a way to stay in the first column longer?

Sevastian’s hand pulled Ava down by putting firm pressure on her neck. “Kiss me, my filthy girl. Kiss me and make it better.”

She pressed her open mouth against his. Sevastian tasted of all things wonderfully familiar yet delightfully strange. He was the same man she had been sleeping with for almost two years but different. Play relaxed him, made Sevastian into someone he could never be outside of this room.

Cruel without conscience.

Petty without reasoning.

Happy without boundaries.

Perfect without pressure.

“Open your legs wider. Good girl.”


  • Cry for Me by Charlotte DeCorte
  • Word count: 13,000 (approximate)
  • Categories: Dark erotica, literary erotica, psychological erotica
  • DRM-Free
  • $3.99


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