2011 Writing Goals for CDC & Charlotte

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I recently had a very nice e-mail asking me on my WIP progress which in turn inspired this post. (Thanks, Paola!)

Here’s what I have shaking, so far, for 2011:

Claudia D. Christian:

  1. Devil’s Descent II: impure: Final edits are chugging along. I’d like to have this out late March/early April. It’s difficult to say because once it’s out it’s out. (Yes, I’m being a total wussy.)
  2. Grim Alice: I really, really want to have this book done and out by the end of 2011. You have no idea how much I love this book. I get sucked into this mad, mad world and find I don’t want to do anything else other than visit. (Which is probably why I haven’t worked on it for months.)
  3. Vicious Bliss: broken: Ditto for VBB. It’s been almost seven years since I wrote VBF. (Damn!) I’ve been very wary of working on this one. (Do you see a pattern here? ;) ) I love Mikhail and all his many, many imperfections. Seriously, this man is so hated by many VBF readers and I can’t blame them. Still, I love him and must get this book written.
  4. Anna & Christian (Working Title): A novella-size dark romance that I previewed back in December. I’m aiming for about 30k words but don’t hold me to that. This will be in the works after DDII & My Love Forgive are released.
  5. Suicide/Love: A print version of Suicide Doll and Love Unfortunate combined into one book. (I would definitely like to do one novella-combo a year.)
  6. Devil’s Descent I: purgatory: Release print version in 2011.
  7. Vicious Bliss: fallen (2010 Edition): Release print version in 2011.

Charlotte DeCorte

  1. My Love Forgive: This is probably going to be a 40K +/- novella. The dark romance is absolutely here. The erotica is stronger than what I usually write as CDC. The mindfuck is present. It’s quickly becoming an uncomfortable work to write which goes to show it’s probably moving along in the right direction. I’m also toying around with this being part of a non-related series tentatively titled “Prisoner of Love.” Right now I want to explore love under duress, captivated love, and all that disturbing yummy goodness.
  2. Trunk (Working Title): This was a CDC piece, my only non-paranormal one, and I think it’s going to work better as a Charlotte piece. This would also be part of the “Prisoner of Love” series.
  3. Untitled: As I like to do everything in odd numbers this work would be the last in the “Prisoner of Love” series. No idea what’s going to be but I’m sure it’s going to be completely unconventional, scary, and strangely arousing. You already know I’m strange, right? I hope? :)

That’s all that I have planned for now. A super busy year is ahead of me, huh? Hopefully, I’ll also make room for submitting to anthologies this year too—especially since I had so much fun with Hearteater. (One of my goals this year if the right opportunity comes up and inspiration is kind.)

Now that I’ve announced this I can’t back out, right? *heart beating a bit faster* 

Who’s Charlotte?
Hello! I hope everyone had an awesome December. Mine was a study of extremes but I survived! Yay! :) Anyway, I'm dropping in to talk a bit about erotica and the ...
Who’s Charlotte?

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  1. I have no idea how you jugle so many books and writing drafts :-) I’m writing only 3 short stories at the moment and just can’t seem to settle on only one and it’s killing me! :-)

    Well you know me – I’m rooting for you to finish DD first – :-)

    I hope everything is going well with you…

  2. Dina, you’re so awesome! :)

    I’m definitely feeling the pressure to live up to my goal list. I get focused on one story at at time so that helps in finishing…although I completely chickened out in releasing DDII. I’ve been sitting on those final edits for a while BUT the great news is that I’ve uploaded it to Amazon, Smashwords, and (soon) Barnes & Noble. All I have to do now is wait for the files to process.

    I think if you trying settling on one story and maybe have a small word count goal for each day, you’d be surprised at how much you can actually write. Example: 500 words a day for ten days is 5,000! At first it doesn’t seem like much but then put in those terms—that’s a lot of words.

    So good luck, Dina, on your short stories. I hope you can get at least one of them finished for the year. *crossing my fingers and rooting for you*

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