My Love Forgive Snippet

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Hey Angst Junkies!

I’m dropping in to post a little snippet from my first Charlotte DeCorte piece entitled, “My Love Forgive.” It’s a little rough around the edges but it gives you hint of what I’m working on.

Why didn’t I see this for what it was? Because it was exciting and gave me everything I thought I wanted.

Risa walked back into the bedroom. Her attention flicked over to the beautiful man sleeping in the middle of the king-sized mattress. Her heart squeezed so sharply in obsessive need Risa wasn’t sure if she’d be able to breathe without feeling it always.

You can do this. Just focus on what you have to do right now.

Risa picked up her clothes from the end of Gabriel’s dresser and undid the neat stack one piece at a time. Calmly she dressed, putting on underclothing, jeans, and sweater as if it were any other time—as if she weren’t dying inside. Once finished, Risa had to plant her feet to keep herself from trailing back to Gabriel’s side.

No. I walk out before he gets a chance to throw me out. That way I walk out of here with at least some kind of dignity.

Dignity may have been on her mind but confrontation wasn’t. Risa crept out of the bedroom and quietly closed the door behind her. She made it across the small living room and to the entryway when she heard him call her.

Gabriel stood a few feet away, naked and intimidating. He repeated her name.


“Take off your clothes and get into bed. Now.”

She took a step back, mindful of the very real rage she sensed behind his smooth expression and soft tone.


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