What’s Your Mt. Everest?

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I recently finished reading Hugh Macleod’s book Ignore Everybody: and 39 Other Keys to Creativity. Short but inspiring, this book has helped grease the wheels of my expectations as a writer. It’s probably no surprise but I’ve been struggling lately as a writer. Well, not exactly the writing, but the marketing has ninja-kicked me in the face.

Meaning, I have had my butt kicked one side and up the other in sales this year. Which goes to show everything can be tested, retested, tweaked, packaged beautifully and still struggle.

It’s definitely been dispiriting and a terrible blow to all the things I hold holy about myself.

I don’t know if it’s desperate hope but I really feel all these struggles are making me better. Maybe I have no choice but to rationalize like this but I do.

Anyway, Hugh had a chapter where he discusses that everyone should have a Mt. Everest. We should all have that near-impossible goal to shoot for. It’s the challenges, the struggle to climb our Mt. Everests that improve us…give us that exquisite surge of purpose in times where we’ve become complacent.

So here’s a few of my Mt. Everests:

  • Sell enough books each month to match my previous salary (It’s a challenge but not impossible. Although it does feel like it at this point since my sales have really slowed down. “0″ for the month of December so far.)
  • Learn ballet (I’m short. Non-athletic. I’m 33. I’ve never had formal dance training. I’m 33. I’d like to be able to start this by 35.)
  • Not tie my self-worth to my outward, numerical success. (This is seriously a tough one. I’ve been trained my whole life to measure myself in grades, money, and financial success. It’s a biggie but the internal stress is not an indicator of this being a good thing.)
  • Earn my bachelor’s in English, then go onto graduate school, before tackling a PH.D. (Oh boy! I’m drowning in debt, got seriously burned as being a well-educated, under-employed butt-monkey, and I still want to do it.)
  • FIND MY PASSION IN WRITING NO MATTER HOW MANY SALES I MAKE OR DON’T MAKE. (This ties back into a previous bullet point. This is my biggie. I miss writing just for the fun of it. I miss just going balls out on writing and not seriously caring whether people liked it or not. Passion baby! I want to thank a certain YA indie writer named Amanda Hocking for reminding me via example that passion should be why we do this in the first place.)

So now that you know a few of mine, I want you to think about your Mt. Everest. If you’re in that rut, in that emotional desert, I want you to find and remember those challenges. I want you to write them down. I want you to focus on each one and write down what you would need to do to climb that mountain.

I want you to climb it.

Claudia, that’ s all well and good but how can you tell what your Mt. Everest is?

You’re on your deathbed. You know this is it. What would you regret never doing? That’s your expedition map.

Thanks for looking at mine and wish me luck!

*This post is: MANICURED. Curious about my new Mental Doodle rating system? Visit my Exposed post. PS. Don’t judge me harshly for it!* 

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