Hearteater Ebook Release

Estimated reading time: 1 – 2 minutes

I’ve very happy to announce the release of “Hearteater”, a collaborative anthology I participated in, at Republica Press.

“Don’ t let someone take & eat your heart”
But what is the story?
What is your answer? What is your story?
Come read, come see, how over twenty creative minds have answered that romantic and macabre question. Enter the world of Hearteater.

Please visit Hearteater to learn more. Also, all proceeds from the purchase of this eBook will go to the charity WaterAid.

DDII Update Status

Estimated reading time: 1 – 2 minutes

Hey Angst Junkies!

Just wanted to put the word out that I will begin edits on Devil’s Descent II: impure within the next week. I’ve given myself a couple of months to let the story percolate, sit on my mind, breathe…pretty much do its thing.

Next, I’m going to flesh out spots, add new things, clarify others, and give it another chapter and/or epilogue.

I expect this to take me through to the end of the year. With crossed fingers and lots of great timing, I’d like to release it at the beginning of 2011.

I just wanted you all to know so that why you’re not left wondering, “Hey! It’s been forever since the last update! Come on!” :)