Devil’s Descent II update 4-29-10

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She tore through the woods, feet flying over the underbrush as if it wasn’t there. Frenetic, schizoid, and maddened, Lily damned all consequences of playing rabbit with a wolf. She knew she’d burn through the vampiric hit within a minute. She knew Julian could catch her now if he wanted. She knew this was a tawdry attempt at getting back her own power.

Lily knew but as always, Lily didn’t care.

The wind talked to her, singing lullabies promising a bloody end. The night bathed her, encouraging Lily to burn out with wicked brilliance. Laughter seeped out. It tinkled with manic notes. Lily dodged the centuries-old oaks with ease and sensed Julian did as well. She wondered if he remembered playing this game with her years before. It was used as a way to sharpen her reflexes but also provided loads of honest fun.

She leaped over a fallen tree. Her stomach rose up with a thrill. She had pushed harder than expected and could see the sky clear over the treetops. Exhilaration throbbed. Lily wanted to fly.

Like all pretty birds with broke wings, she came crashing down to earth when Julian yanked her to him back to front.

“Got you.”

She arched into him even as he wrapped a hand around her neck. Lily reached behind her. Her fingers locked onto his nape, coiling about the inky hair with abandon.

“Look at you, Lily. You’re acting like a common slut.” He squeezed her neck tighter and whispered, “You love it, don’t you?”

Lily gasped. Her body was firing too many signals, getting them mixed up between pain, fear, and desire.

“Answer me.”

“I love…I love…not being…” Her words ended in a breathy whine.

“You love being what?” Julian squeezed her throat rhythmically.

Lily’s limbs tingled. The lack of air did things to her inhibitions. “Not being…me.”

“Hmm…my darling, little girl.” Julian nuzzled her ear with his nose. “You could never be anyone other than you. Filthy, immoral, base, crazed.”

Lily arched forward, wanting to flee and cave into him. His cultured voice, dripping with lust, made her skin prickle.

“No, no. Where are you going, Lily? Hmm? Where are you going to go that I can’t find you?”

She savagely bit the finger he briefly pressed into her mouth. His blood invaded her most beautifully. Everything heightened, including him.

“Darling girl, you’re a perfect present for me, Lily. I’m so going to love tearing you open. Bit by bit. Layer by layer until you’ve been stripped clean.”


“Ah, ah! What did I tell you about that, Lily? I know you’re not purposely stupid. Surely you couldn’t have forgotten already?” His fingers pulsed around her neck. “J-u-l-i-a-n. Come on, darling.”

Lily shook her head. Fingers scrabbled over his, not in surcease but in frenzied bliss.

“Say it, little girl. Say it and be yourself. Be the girl who knows who she really wants to be.” Julian turned her around, hand still wrapped around her neck like human jewelry. His mouth touched hers. His whisper branded Lily. “Let me in, darling. Let me into you.” 

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  1. i’m beginning to see pedo-bear written all over juliun lol he’s so sick i want more haha i am so addicted to this story it not funny i look forward to the update like a druggy looks forward to their next hit only not that severe

  2. Ah, you’re back! :-) I’m so glad and can’t wait for more…

    Things are heating up…

  3. Essandra—Pedo-bear? :) Considering how old he is I don’t think he can help it! :) Glad to feed your addiction!

    Dina—I came back for a wee bit before I had to drop back. I’m nearing the end of my site redesign and I’m so looking forward to writing again!

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