Gaijin – Erotic Short Review

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Remittance Girl (RG) is an erotic writer talented way beyond my humble attempts to describe. She is unflinching when it comes to probing the sexual darkness in humanity. Among many themes, she’s written about the discovered eroticism found in ritual cutting, despair in addictive fornication, and the lengths a woman will go to make sure her lover doesn’t leave her unsatisfied again.

To say I enjoy her work is an insult. She inspires me to take my craft to the next level. In her words, I find desperate beauty in the midst of ugliness. So when I read via Twitter her latest release at Republica Press I knew I absolutely, positively must buy Gaijin.

I have NO regrets. I loved this short and I got far more than my $2.99 worth. Now, I must convince you how exquisite Gaijin truly is. First things first…

Warning: Gaijin contains non-consensual sex/consensual sex/light violence/language. It is meant to be read by adults with an open mind.

Still with me? Good.

RG describes her latest work as:

When Jennifer left the cold and damp of London for the sparkle and bustle of Tokyo, she imagined she’d fine a world full of cherry blossom festivals, ancient tea ceremonies and Geishas. What she got instead was a cramped, shared apartment, harassment on the subway and a mind-numbing job as a hostess at the Blonde Chick Bar in Roppongi.

With a single, unintentional insult all that changed. She wakes up to find that she has been kidnapped by Shindo: a sadistic Yakuza demi-god who doesn’t take his loss of face easily. Caught between his hatred of all things foreign and a growing obsession with this blonde gaijin, he is determined to make her pay for her rejection in sadistic and degrading ways.

‘A woman’s lot is to endure,’ says the fox spirit in her dreams, but Jennifer wonders whether there are indeed fates worse than death. Little by little, she finds out.

Gaijin is 76 pages long and hits 21,100 words. RG hooks you in from the first sentence and doesn’t let go. Her palette is swift, poetic, and violent. Strangers to Japan see this alien world through eyes marked with confusion, fear, fascination, and lust. Personally, I am repelled, fascinated, and adoring of Japanese culture. I feel RG intuitively allows the readers to express those very same emotions through Jennifer.

A stranger in a strange land who shuffles into a world within a world, proving centuries-old mythology isn’t dead—it’s only adapted.

The erotica deliberately cuts in certain passages, swathes us in others. Shindo’s motivations, sparse as they may be, fascinate me. Pebbles of information lead us toward his past, giving the reader bits to ruminate over but not enough for conclusion. Jennifer’s docility and defiance undulate like the shadows on a wall. They are as difficult to predict as Shindo’s moods.

The ending can be controversial depending on what Gaijin invokes with you. I won’t say which way I fell but I will say that I wasn’t ready for the story to be over. I really, really wasn’t. It goes without saying that I look forward to RG’s next work. If you buy this ebook I’m sure you’ll be waiting right alongside me.


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  1. I’m so pleased that your review of one of my favorite writers led me here! New work from Remittance Girl is always exciting. I look forward to reading more from both of you!

  2. Awesome! Thanks for stopping by, City Different. RG is one of the only writers I’ve encountered who sees beauty in the profane so I’m definitely a fan. I do hope you enjoy my work—it leans heavily on the angst but it is what moves me. 🙂 However, if not, at least we have RG, right? 😉

  3. I once tweeted that I was very lucky that so many of my readers are writers. I meant it. But more than that, I think that both you and I have a love of that dark angst that can elevate a boy-meets-girl story to a certain level of existential self-examination. It’s why I read you. You do it so damn well. So deliciously.

  4. Ms. Christian, what a great review of Remittance Girl’s Gaijin. I followed the link from her Twitter feed.

    Will be back to read more of your work soon!

  5. Thanks, RG! Your words are too kind. I’m going to ramble here and it’s partly your fault. 🙂

    I make no secret over how much I love angst and the emotional mind-fucks that come from it, but I really am a fan of boy-meets-girl stories. I have this odd need to have some sort of happily-ever-after even if it takes blood and guts to get there. That’s not the unusual part since many romance novels depend upon it to make a story, but I need my blood and guts to be spilled directly because of the love interest. I love villains and I love villains even more so when they take the “slot” of the hero/heroine. I want to read stories that take black and white and paint it all gray.

    That’s probably why I’m so geeked out over “Gaijin” because you took several themes I love and put them together. I fell into fascination with Shindo and you’re probably the only writer in recent memory that has written the EXACT kind of tale I need to read.

    Unfortunately, there’s just not much out there. You have romances, but no violent toeing the line. You have erotica, but not much depth. You have horror and no erotica or romance.

    As I mentioned above, I do enjoy love stories. Immensely. I just don’t get excited over what’s out there.

    You have requisite hero, heroine, and villain. Hero is always a bad-ass before he meets heroine, but somehow he magically transforms and never does anything really wrong. Even if he was a pussy-hound before, just the thought of the heroine makes him turn away from the woman throwing herself at him. Heroine is so special that she just inspires him to be this guy who gives massages “just because.”

    What the hell?

    I say screw that and I just have to write what it is I want to read. It’s been very niche to say the least but I enjoy it! 🙂 So thank you, thank you for writing “Gaijin.” It’s been forever since I’ve read anything like this that I didn’t write myself. It’s so gratifying to step into your worlds and just enjoy my time as a reader.

    So if you or any of your readers know of anything in the vein of “Gaijin” please let me know. I spent yesterday while cleaning up my husband’s computer searching for e-books between scans and not finding what I was looking for.

    Sorry for the rambling and thanks for dropping by, RG. 🙂

  6. Dear Liras,

    Thank you for taking the time comment. I really appreciate it. “Gaijin” was so awesome that I just had to share it with the world so I’m glad you enjoyed reading it. 🙂

    If interested in reading my work—I’d start off with Suicide Doll or Grim Alice first (you can find them under the WIP link) since those two aren’t sequels. Let me know if you have any questions, Liras, and thanks again for stopping by!

  7. Dear Ms. Christian,
    I’ve been reading RG for a while now, and I’m so glad that she’s led me to you! I spent my entire Saturday perusing your darkly romantic pieces, and I must say, you live up to all of the praise I’ve read… so please allow me to add some more! The way that you are able to place fantastical characters and supernatural intervention in stories well-grounded in the breadth of human emotion makes your tales at once entertainment and food for thought. I’m now a subscriber and hope to see more from you soon! Thanks so much and keep up the excellent work!
    I hope you don’t mind, I’ve mentioned your talent on my blog… I just couldn’t keep from sharing!
    Thanks again,
    Louisa G

  8. Dear Louisa:

    I’m thrilled to read you’ve enjoyed my work! I enjoy RG & it’s great to meet via her generous introduction. Thank you for mentioning me on your blog—I really appreciate it. Sharing is awesome, isn’t it? 🙂

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