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Love Unfortunate Ebook & Kindle Release

I’m very happy to announce the release of my short story “Love Unfortunate” in PDF and Amazon Kindle formats. This piece is the inspiration for my current WIP novel tentatively titled, “Sleeping Poison.” Keeping in vein with all my work, it is dark, angsty, morally ambiguous, and meant to be read with an open mind.

Gaijin – Erotic Short Review

Gaijin is 76 pages long and hits 21,100 words. RG hooks you in from the first sentence and doesn’t let go. Her palette is swift, poetic, and violent. Strangers to Japan see this alien world through eyes marked with confusion, fear, fascination, and lust.

Trunk–Part I Update 1-20-10

The demons seemed content to possess Ashley. Now, they needed another conscience to ply their venom. Ashley, usually in perfect control of her bountiful emotions, had been a thorn in his side ever since Halloween.

Ghosts in My Head

Katherine watched the scenery pass without care for detail. The gray sky reflected the colors inside her, inside Mikhail. Aware as she was of him, she wished she could say the same for the visions forming in her head.

Random Videos & Stuff – January 2010

However, despite my authoring tendencies, I do like to travel the fluffier side of life. And the nerdy side too. My sense of humor ranges from crude to…well, crude, but I like cute, cuddly things as well.

Devil’s Descent II update 1-15-10

“Ha! Like you really feel this. Try it on someone who doesn’t know how much pain your kind can really take. Or how much you really like it.”

Julian smirked in agreement.


It started as a game. Harmless on the surface, designed to chase away the ennui of a bored werewolf prince, it required her delicious innocence and vicious instinct.

Why I Love Pete and Peggy

Given my writing proclivities it comes as no surprise that I would enjoy the tormented dynamics between Mad Men characters Pete Campbell and Peggy Olson. Angst junkies who have never seen Mad Men and are on the fence should take this post as a shove. Take these mini-spoilers to heart, watch Seasons 1-3, become obsessed, and squirm with me as we all wait for Season 4.

Grim Alice update 1-11-09

Director H. smiled and crouched down. “No. Young Yukio is stubborn, arrogant, willful, but he is a fool. Death would do nothing but teach him to dig his heels in further.”

Trunk—Part I

She had saved him, transformed him to someone of surface worth. Even though, or maybe because he had first thrown her in the back of her own trunk.

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