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Devil’s Descent II update 11-16-09

“I won’t apologize for those.”

She wasn’t surprised to hear neither his aristocratic voice nor the haughty words it issued. Lily’s dangerous grin acknowledged the self-destructive futility of her quest.

Vicious Bliss: broken update 11-13-09

He immediately crowded her; not wanting to let her move away from him. Mikhail dipped his head and placed warm lips next to her small ear. “I love you, Katherine.”

Suicide Doll update 11-10-09

The raucous noise of his clattering shoes served as a warning to his defiant playmate. Narcissus hoped she heard him with a guilty mind. When he topped the last stair, he swung off the banister post and yelled, “Lisette!”

Grim Alice update 11-8-09

The younger male bowed his head and obeyed the dazzling creature whose intricately layered white suit threatened to outstrip the room of color. Yukio’s resentment presented itself only through his overly graceful movements. Director H. smiled and gestured, “She’s perfect for you. She followed me with only minimal slaughter.”

Heart no Kuni no Alice Manga

I absolutely love the art, the psycho quality all characters possess, and I just can’t help but love the vibe inspiring this manga. After all, it’s dangerous and playful just like Grim Alice.

Grim Alice update 11-5-09

Silence punctuated only by the irregular sounds of dripping water stuffed her ears to the brim. She easily could believe she was the only creature alive in this odd world.

It felt marvelous.

Devil’s Descent II update 11-4-09

The gentle reminder of how she was a prisoner and he wasn’t dampened Lily’s enthusiasm. “Oh, that’s right.” She cleared her throat. “Umm, I can trust you about this, right? I mean you wouldn’t screw me over on this?”

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