Devil’s Descent II update 10-21-09

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Lily fought the urge to back away from his touch. “Did I survive this well enough for you?”

He paused. A wicked grin tweaked his lips. “Looking for approval already? You are an impatient girl.”

“No. I’m actually looking for a big, fat no. I’m looking for the Pureblood equivalent of ‘You Suck.’ Summing up—I’m looking for you to find something else to amuse you.”

“You sound like a victim. It’s not attractive at all.”


Julian considered her. “You hold up rather well for someone of your age. However, this habit of pouting only tempts anyone within earshot to smack you. Have a care, Lily.”

She laughed for several long, crazed-tinged moments. “Can you believe this? A month ago you were someone else; a crazy, nice, wussy vampire before turning into you. A month ago we were almost-lovers. Last night we were trying to kill each other. Tonight I almost let you take me to bed. I then watched you have sex with this girl here. Then you almost choke me to death. Now I’m lying on this dirty bed listening to you lecture me.”

Lily flounced back against the pillows. She clutched her stomach and let loose another peal of ironic mirth. Julian watched with an indiscernible expression. Lily turned and knocked her head against the unconscious Nicole. Her chortles rose in volume. She reached out and tugged on a tousled blond lock of hair.

“Oh my God! This has to beat the time when Jeremiah Waddell dropped his pants in front of me only to freak out when he realized I wasn’t Cricket! You almost made me forget how a guy would rather run five miles bare-assed rather than be with me. I should’ve remembered the file. Habits don’t change. Only names.”

Lily’s laughter ended abruptly. She stared up at the ceiling. “Maybe I never loved you at all. Maybe I just loved that you weren’t scared of me. That you’d act as if I didn’t have razors in my vagina.”

“You didn’t love me.”

She sighed. “I’m not talking to you, Douglas. I’m talking to Ian.” Her impatient glare served to reduce him to fumbling idiocy. It failed but Lily tried. “I wish I could’ve been better to you. I wish I could’ve respected you and your ways. I wish I had appreciated all you did for me.”

Julian maintained an appropriate demeanor of impersonal interest. While it rankled to have the constant reminder of just how thoroughly he had been broken thrown in his face, Lily’s quiet confession couldn’t be dismissed. Whether he accepted it or not, the fact remained Julian had a connection to the human girl who’d been by his physical side for the last seven years.

To turn away would be to admit fear of her. Fear Lily? Never.



“One night…soon…I’m going to fuck you hard. Ruin you for any other man. Make it so you can’t exist without me.” He spoke softly, mirroring her laments to the ghost named Ian. “I’m not leaving here until then. If you try to run I’ll hunt you down. If you try to deny me I’ll rip you open. If you turn to anyone else I’ll make your suffering eternal.”

Lily sat up. “Have you lost your mind? Again? What the hell is wrong with you?”

“No. No. Nothing. And watch your mouth.”

She stumbled over her words. “How do things…how can you…why would you say something so nasty like that? Fuck me? No, fuck you! After tonight I don’t anything to do with you! You sick freak! Maybe Purebloods have this idea that human girls just want to fight over you and so you can have orgies and swap and it makes us want you so much more. Well you know what? Wrong.”

“Quit babbling. What has aroused your pique?”

“Aroused my pique? No. The phrase you’re looking for is pissed me off. I’ll tell you. You piss me off. There’s so much you’ve done but the worst is that you slept with this one here,” Lily pointed out with a jerk of her thumb. “Right in front of me.”

“So in the future you’d rather not know.”

“What?” Lily swung her legs off the bed. “No. There’s no future.”

Julian stood and courteously extended his hand to help her up. When she ignored it he took away the choice and enveloped her tiny hand in his. “Everything is an ends to a mean, Lily. Even Nicole.” 

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