Devil’s Descent II update 8-20-09

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Nicole groaned in satisfaction as Julian whispered in her ear. Suddenly, her limbs dropped to the bed. Nicole had fallen back to sleep, no doubt due to Julian’s decree. He stood up, erection wet and unsatisfied, and walked towards Lily. Her mask cracked, allowing loathing and perfidy to seep through.

“Did you enjoy it, darling?”

Lily remained mutinously silent. The only indication that betrayed her wrath was the spasm crossing her brow.
Julian cocked his head. He ran a fingertip down her smooth cheek, daring her jerk away from his touch. “Did you enjoy me fucking you?”

“It wasn’t me.” The brittle words slipped out as a low hiss.

“Of course it was.” He crept closer, almost within reach of touching her with his rampant arousal. “I was only looking at you, wasn’t I?”

Lily’s right hand curled into a fist. “I’m going to leave now. Unlock the door.”


“Unlock the door.”


She inhaled sharply. “Unlock the door, Julian. Unlock it now before you see who I can be.”

“That’s not a threat, little girl. I want to see you. I want to see every little piece of you. Show me. Show me how ugly you can be.”

Lily lashed out with a warbled cry. She threw all her strength into punching his mouth. She then raked her fingers down the side of his face. Retribution didn’t cross the frayed fabric of her mind. Fear was an unknown entity.

Julian allowed her this violence. He encouraged her to strike him again when he moaned in graphic bliss.

Lily’s hand ached terribly. She fought the urge to cradle it against her chest. Instead, Lily gave him one final push and spat, “You disgusting excuse for a man. You made a fool of me tonight but never again. Do you understand? Don’t ever fucking come near me again. I don’t ever want to talk to you after this. You disgust me. Everything about you makes me sick!”

“What’s the matter, Lily? Why does seeing me fuck Nicole bother you? I thought only of you. I imagined it was you beneath me. When she came I pretended it was you. Why’s that so wrong?”

Julian smiled a petty smile full of triumph.

“After all, I’m only doing what you would’ve done…what you’re still trying to do to me.”

Lily bit her lip until it bled. The pointed burst of pain cleared her mind long enough to growl, “Inbred idiot vampire that you are, you can’t expect me to separate Ian from you so easily. The man I knew since I was twelve looks just like you. I didn’t even know you existed until a month ago. You wouldn’t even talk to me until last night.”

“I still have a right to be known.”

She slapped away at the hand hovering by her cheek. “Don’t worry—there’s no confusion for me anymore. I know exactly who you are and I have no intention of knowing anything else about you. Now. Open. The. FUCKING. Door.”

The click surprised Lily even as it comforted. Remembering not to give him her back, she reached behind her to push the doors open. Once secure that Julian was content in staying behind with his hated paramour, Lily fled down the hall and stairs.

“You should’ve brought a blanket.”

His voice echoed in the cavernous room. It drowned out the rhythmic clack of Lily’s heels. Against her judgment, she paused in mid-flight and looked up. Julian leaned against the wrought-iron banister with negligent grace.

“If you had only listened to me you would’ve got to experience what I imagined.”

“Lucky for me I don’t listen very well.” Contempt coated each word.

Julian shook his head. “I told you, Lily. I only reward good behavior. You deserved this.”

Tears stung her eyes, making it difficult to see the vampire looking down on her with such smug scorn. “No, I didn’t. I never deserved any of this and I never deserved having to meet you. I’d rather never have met Ian if you were going to be the end result of that. In fact, I wished you had been tortured to death, Julian. That is what you deserved.”

“So Ian wasn’t worth suffering all this? What fickle love you have, darling. Good for me.”

Lily closed her eyes. She just wanted to go home and forget this night ever happened. To believe Julian would’ve ever wanted her was stupid. To think she could still have some piece of this vampire was ridiculous. To want to change what had happened in the last ten minutes was pitiful.

None of this matters. It doesn’t. Just keep remembering that, Lily.

She let out a soft sigh and turned away only to feel an icy hand grip her arm. 

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