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Vicious Bliss: broken Chapter One

“Why do you think I could forgive you for being a whore, Katharina?” Mikhail choked back a sob. “It’s because I know all about whoring yourself for comfort, safety, and greed.”

“That’s not why I did it.” The words fell hard with reproach. “I never did it for gain.”

“I know. You did it to escape life. I did it to cling to it. That’s why I’m a far more disgusting creature than you can ever think to be.”


Vicious Bliss: broken Prologue

He leaned forward and pressed his lips hard against hers, eager and hungry for one last kiss, one last caress to take with him. Many minutes later he asked, “Do you mind if I keep holding you?”

“I would like that very much.” Her small hand crept out to play with several of his loose tendrils. “Will you be lonely without me?”

“Yes. But I’ve waited hundreds of lifetimes for you. I can wait another eternity as long as I know you’ll be waiting for me.”


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Vicious Bliss: broken – Cast of Fools

It was my fault. All of it. I know this. So does she. Her hatred burns. But Katherine wasn’t always like this. She still scorched, but I gladly suffered because she was my sun.

Vicious Bliss: broken

Katherine Merror finds herself on the other side, broken but not defeated. Her entire world has changed but she’s determined to wrest control from those who would keep her as a pawn. Mikhail’s desperate love seeks to entrap as strongly as Azer’s obsession sought to free.

Suicide Doll

Estimated reading time: 1 – 2 minutes Narcissus was once given a little doll named Lisette. He enjoyed playing with her, making her do depraved things for his selfish amusement. Darling little Lisette lived for his attention, falling into a tangle of useless limbs when he forgot her for other pretty toys. One day Narcissus’ read more »

Grim Alice – Chapter Two

Alice turned her head to look up into his amused bloody gaze. A flash of fang and a wicked smile calmed the wild thumping in her chest. “You’re a mean man, Director H.”

“So I’ve been told.” He reached around and pressed the emergency button. A serene, cultured voice asked, “Emergency Response Station. Please state your emergency.”

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Grim Alice – Review I



“Your pride became your ruin. While you did attempt to rely upon your reason, you allowed your pride to overrule your judgment. Your inability to try to understand Yukio’s familial position drove you to put vengeance above all.”


Grim Alice – Chapter One

“No. It can’t. Logic can account for every reason, but emotions—my emotions—cannot account for this. There’s a reason why Nephilim created Genesis. You know centuries ago I wouldn’t have had a choice. I’d just be given to you, like a doll, for you to do with as you pleased. You have no idea how much I’ve thanked God since this morning that it’s different. Now, I have a choice.”

“What choice did you think is worth destroying the life we can have?” His contempt scalded.


Grim Alice – Prologue

“You are renowned for your family bloodlines. Each of you carry an incomprehensible amount of power. You’re mythic.” Her pink mouth glistened in a beatific smile. “But the world isn’t what it once was. You are not what you once were.”

She considered the exquisitely unnatural faces, both male and female, staring back with the same level of assessment. “Obviously, the veterans understand this, but for our new brothers and sisters—you’ve been stripped of all power in this place. Until you reach Noir, you will live like humans while you’re here.”


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