Grim Alice – Review I

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Image Credit: Claudia Meyer , sxc, Paris

Scenario 1 Review 1

“Fail.” The disembodied voice continued. “Unacceptable. You two will redo this again.”

Yukio’s large body lifted off the much smaller girl. He stood by the bed, swaying with a marionette’s grace. Alice sat up, her eyes regaining focus while her neck straightened itself with a loud snap. She joined Yukio and waited.

“Although we’re not surprised at the outcome of this scenario, please explain your actions. You may begin first, Yukio.”

His head snapped up. The words were dull, hollow, and conscious but not. “She wouldn’t listen. She was going to leave me. I couldn’t allow that to happen.”

“Noted. Now, your turn, Alice. What provided the motivation to submit to Yukio’s violation and subsequent murder?”

Alice’s tone mimicked Yukio. She spoke without inflection or emotion. “I’d rather be dead than allow Yukio to have us both.”

“If so why did you seal him?”

“I didn’t want him to have her either.”

“Noted. My review is this—Yukio?”


“Your stubbornness and unwillingness to be honest with yourself and your partner contributed to this outcome. You had many opportunities to express your love for Alice but you chose to cling to your pride.”

“Yes, Sir.”



“Your pride became your ruin. While you did attempt to rely upon your reason, you allowed your pride to overrule your judgment. Your inability to try to understand Yukio’s familial position drove you to put vengeance above all.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Do you both understand this review?”



“You will both return back to your places and begin this exercise again. You will continue to do this until you reach a satisfactory moving point. From there the cycle repeats. You will not remember the outcomes of your failures, our reviews, or how many times you’ve failed. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Director H.” Alice and Yukio replied in unison.


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