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Skip Beat – Lame Name but Awesome Manga

Kyoko, reeling from the depths of Sho’s betrayal, casts off her loving, gentle demeanor to become an avenging demon who thirsts for his blood!

Cheesy. Yeah. But it’s true. Even the bloodthirsty part.

Procrastination is Never Pretty

I wouldn’t say I’m floundering. I’m just a little crazy. All these stories exist in the same world, so having them develop at the same time rocks because it allows me to check for consistency. Quality Inspector #77 at your service, you know? But, it’s hard not to play favorites.

What is Best in Life?

Monday evening I was in my kitchen peeling potatoes and blubbering because I just felt awful. After months of perpetual optimism, of going against my nature and being a perky person, I cracked. I just effing cracked. Reasons? Too many and too embarrassing to actually type and have posted on the internet.

Awkward Beginnings

I honestly didn’t want to write a post. After all, I doubt anyone even reads it. What does it matter? No one will care if I blog or don’t blog.


But I know.

Wash Away by Greenway Review

So what exactly has me so moved by Wash Away?

It is a decidely dark, psychological look into the psyche of a character whose very emptiness is only compounded by the unwanted love he has for the epitome of everything he has ever loathed.

Sleeping Poison Chapter One

Liana’s smooth brow betrayed her patrimony by furrowing in a human manner. She released her prey with a small gasp. He rolled off her body without a sound. Sitting up, she studied his complexion with a keen eye. He was deathly pale, lips colorless, barely trembling with breath. Despite his poor condition, Liana knew he was going to survive this encounter.

Thank you, Sir. You’ve done much good this day.

WORD COUNT: 4,647+

Sleeping Poison Prologue

“It’s beautiful, isn’t it? Knowing that this thing’s existence is only of your choosing. Omnipotence is just so addictive…” Sculpted cheeks hollowed and a bitter smile creased his lips. “No wonder you love it so much.”

You’re wrong. I never loved having it over you.

Somehow Liana couldn’t make her throat form the words. Instead, visceral shame forced her to look away.


Sleeping Poison – Cast of Fools

Estimated reading time: 1 – 2 minutes “I wronged you. I’ve admitted a thousand times before and I’ll admit it a thousand times more. But how can I give you up? You taught me to trust in something other than blood. Your innocence brought me from the void threatening to swallow me whole. I love read more »

Sleeping Poison – Copyright

Estimated reading time: 1 – 2 minutes Copyright © 2009 by Claudia D. Christian All rights reserved. No part of this book shall be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without prior written permission from DelSin Publishing, LLC. DelSin Publishing, LLC and the author assume no liability assumed for damages resulting read more »

Sleeping Sins Excerpt

You have brought me low, my love. I live for your smiles and die with each tear. You look through me, seeing what you wish and not seeing what I’ve become.

You have brought me low, my love. Madness courts me as I lie here waiting for you. My madness can never be greater than yours and for that I am truly beyond all hope.

You have brought me low, my love. You have truly brought me low.

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